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June 3, 2015
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Plants Don't Have Mouths, But They Can Sing

I can't believe it, yet I can't not. I hear it with my own ears. I decide to smile at the mystery. I stretch back underneath the shady branches and listen.

Overly Cautious Dog Definitely Thinks Toy Tiger Is The Real Thing


DOODY BOUND: Your Toothbrush Is Probably Covered In Poop

Brushing Teeth
Shutterstock / YanLev

KFC Sues Over Rumors Of 8-Legged Chickens In China

Kfc China

Pig Taken Into Police Custody Is Spared Death Penalty

Shelby Township Police Department

New Species Of Suicidally Sex-Crazed Marsupial May Be In Danger

Queensland University of Technology

Thief's Red Boxers Get Him Busted: Cops

Red Underwear
Hempstead Village Police

Man Named Santa Claus In Favor Of North Pole Pot Dispensary

Santa Claus
Getty Images/Tetra images RF

Ducklings Rescued Using Hooters Fry Basket, Because Of Course

Lakeland FD

Couple Finds Hungry Snake Devouring An Egg On Their Kitchen Counter

Snake Eggs
YouTube/Laura Neff

Lola The Dog Reunited With Owners After 7 Years

CBS Miami

Robber Steals Doctor's Briefcase, Pants At Gunpoint

Caspar Benson via Getty

Reported Armed Mob Actually Just Asparagus Pickers

White Asparagus
Johannes Simon via Getty Images

6 Things You Learn When Your Penis Is Surgically Removed

Getty Images/Fotosearch RF

Naked Man Moons Deputy At Florida Riverbank

Craig Bierema
Marion County Sheriff's Office

Roommate Attacked With Box Cutter Because Of Dirty Towel: Police

John Herrick
Lee County Jail

BEST NEWS EVER? Pot Use May Protect Against Parasitic Worms: Study

Marijuana Smoker
Getty Images/Vetta

Woman Jailed Over Loud Sex

Shutterstock / Johan Larson

Woman Says She Went Blind In One Eye After Her Cat Licked Her

Cat Scratch

57-Year-Old 'Planks' Like It's 2011

George Hood Planking
Now This News

WATCH: Taipei Food Stand Only Sells Phallic-Shaped Eats (NSFW)

Phallic Food Taipei

WATCH: DJ Steps On Snake, Dances It Off

Snake Dance

Crazy Conspiracy Theory: Disney Assassinated Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus
TIMOTHY A. CLARY via Getty Images

This Old Cheese Costs A Lot Of Cheddar

20 Year Old Cheddar

Spanish Police Seize Hundreds Of Pounds Of Cocaine Hidden In Pineapples

GEORGES GOBET via Getty Images

The Sun Is Trying To Tell Us Something

Solar Arrow

Man Replaces Pet Store Signs With What We're All Really Thinking

Jeff Wysaski/Obvious Plant

Toronto's Fugitive Peacock Seems To Have Won

Toronto Peacock
Tony Massil


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Man Blames Public Indecency Charge On Lost Pants

Robert Allen Sweeney
Palm Beach County Jail

Florida Man Loses His Cool After Woman Takes His Bingo Seat

Fred Smith
Polk County Jail

Groom And His Mom Go Head-To-Head In Epic Dance Battle

Mother Son Danceoff
Margo Hegge/YouTube

Pig Poops In Back Of Cop Car, Is All Smiles

Pig Cop Car
Shelby Township Police

HE'S NUTS! Man Tests Bulletproof Jockstrap In Worst Possible Way

Bulletproof Jockstrap
Barcroft TV

Who Wants To Play With This 3-Eyed Dog?

3 Eyed Dog
Courtesy of Atlas Obscura

Woman Meets The Man Who Wears Her Brother's Face

60 Minutes Australia

Animal Control Officer Thinks Stuffed Tiger Is Real

Stuffed Tiger
Facebook/Kent County Animal Control

Man Named God Settles Lawsuit With Credit Agency

God Gazarov

'Lose Yourself' In Sign Language Will Get You Super Pumped


Incredible Hotel Suite Lets You Sleep Under The Sea

Atlantis The Palm Dubai
Atlantis, The Palm/Facebook

Know How Ghost Peppers Spiced Up Weird News? Take The Fark Weird News Quiz

Look At This Tiny Dog

Tiny Pug

Please Excuse Boston's 3-Story Snow Piles Filled With Trash

Dirty Snow Pile

Sixth-Grader Pens Adorable Apology After Prank Calling 911


The Weirder, The Better For Fashion At Mysteryland Music Festival

April Saylor/The Huffington Post

Firefighters Get Girl, 6,To Help Rescue Kitten

Janeysha Cruz