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May 27, 2016
Weird News Podcasts

Is There A UFO Cover-up? A Government Insider Speaks Out

Ufo Chris Mellon

Chris Mellon has spent nearly 20 years in the federal government serving in various national security positions. For the first time, he has agreed to speak publicly about his experiences within government as they relate to UFOs.

Woman Overwhelmed By 'Super Mario Brothers' Marriage Proposal

Wacky Wedding Proposals Super Mario Proposals Shane Birkinbine

Someone Really Methed Up This Burrito

Meth Burritos Drugs Hidden In The Darnedest Places
Customs and Border Protection

Inside The Bizarre 'Venus' Figures Once Used As Anatomical Models


Comics Purr-fectly Capture What Animals Would Say If They Could Talk


Python Bites Penis Of Man On Toilet And Doesn't Let Go

Mirror Video

Badass 7-Year-Old Attempts To Stop A Robbery Singlehandedly

Caught On Camera Game Stop Robbery Heroic Kids

Bionic Legs Turn Ailing Sheepdog Into 'Robo-Dog'

Robodog Bionic Legs Animals In The News

The Best Place In NYC To Find Lasting Love Is Probably This Cat Cafe

Meow Parlour
Hilary Hanson/The Huffington Post

Let This Guy's Photoshoot With His Thesis Show You What True Love Is

Alex Rodriguez And Team Bat Dog Have The Cutest Reunion

Baseball American League National League Baseball
Brian Bahr via Getty Images

World's Rarest Bear Shot And Killed

Grolar Bear Pizzly Bear

What Happened When One Guy Set Out To Follow A Snowy Owl's Path

Athena Image
Luministes via Getty Images

Here Are Some Dudes Who Live Their Lives (And Sometimes Bone) As Puppies

Puppy Play Secret Lives Of Pups

The World's Largest Cruise Ship Is Basically Its Own City

Sea Harmony Ampics
Andrew Matthews/PA Wire

Watch This Strongman Pull A 9.5-Ton Truck Using Only His Hair

Manjit Singh Weird World Records World Records Guinness World Records

WATCH: Spinning Hoverboard From Hell Throws Little Girl At Wall

Kyoot Kids

Sportscaster Gets Real Awkward In Lecturing News Anchor


WATCH: What Happens When You Try To Speed Through A Roundabout

Roundabout Car Crash
Live Leak

Bloody Brawl Breaks Out At NYPD-FDNY Charity Football Game

Twitterangel Zayas
Twitter/Angel Zayas

Here's Something You Should Fear In Public Restrooms

Athena Image
Joey Kotfica via Getty Images

Ridiculously Cute Tiger Cubs Try To Master The Art Of Walking


These Cats Sleep Like Humans, And They Get More Rest Than You

Athena Image
Photo by Laurie Cinotto via Getty Images

These Dogs Can't Catch For Sh*t

Dogs Who Cant Catch

'Inception'-Themed Math Book Cover Drives Internet Haywire

College Prep Algebra Inception

Tortoise Injured In Fire Gets New Hand-Painted, 3D-Printed Shell

Brail Tortoise Fire 3d Printed Shell
Inside Editio

We Created The Perfect Dating Profile Using Complicated Dating Algorithms

Dating Sites


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