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August 30, 2014

Woman Discovers Her Cat Is Cheating On Her

Evil Cat
Marco Uliana / Alamy

Teacher Disciplined For Tweeting She Wanted To Stab Students

Krista Hodges
NBC News

Shaun The Shaggy Sheep Finally Shorn

Shaun Sheep

Man Who Painted Maserati As 'Transformers' Robot Accused Of Impersonating Cop


WATCH: Live Stream Captures SWAT Team Charging Into Gamer's Office

Jordan Mathewson
YouTube / Armund Johansen

100-lb Turban May Be World's Largest

Largest Turban
YouTube/Barcroft TV

Know How This Woman's Facebook Post Helped Convict Her? Take The Fark Weird News Quiz

Sadie Renee Johnson
Columbia Co. Jail/Glenn Miller/Oregon Interagency

Warning: This Video May Induce Arachnophobia

Large Funnel Spider

Police Investigate After Human Skull Donated To Goodwill

Kronholm, Susanne via Getty Images

This Is Probably The Last Place You'd Expect To Find A Meth Lab

robtek via Getty Images

Bird Poo Is The Worst Flavor Of Ice Cream

Bird Poo Ice Cream

Women In All-Female Town Seek A Few Good Men

Women Town
Facebook: Noiva do Cordeiro

'Space City' Houston UFOs Look For An Explanation

KPRC / YouTube

Ms. Crispi On Trial For Allegedly Setting Fire To Ex's Home With Bacon

Uintah County Jail

WOOD You Like To Know What This Looks Like?


Vogue Model Accused Of Stealing Chocolate Bars (PHOTOS)

Hand Purse
maaram via Getty Images

Notorious Serial Arsonist Is 11-Year-Old: Fire Chief

House On Fire
Getty Images via Getty Images

GIANT Wasps' Nest Discovered On Woman's Guest Bed

By Permission John Birkett

Southwest Airlines Loses 85-Year-Old Passenger

Alice Vaticano
WTFark/CBS Denver

Big Fight Breaks Out After Former Lingerie Football League Game


How The Creator Of 'Ren And Stimpy' Changed The Face Of Cartoons

John Kricfalusi

Man With 100-Pound Scrotum Inspired By Another Scrotum To Get Mass Removed

Dan Maurer

Dog Star Of Katy Perry Video Is Fastest Dog On 2 Legs

Jiff Guinness
Guinness World Records

Neighbor Hellbent On Shutting Down Kid's 'Illegal' Lemonade Stand

Fox 13

Dead, Stuffed And Hideous: The Best Of The Worst Taxidermy

Crap Taxidermy
10 Speed Press

The Best "This Is Not Going To End Well" Photos Of All-Time

Fail Photos

Man's Family Finds Out He's Been Missing For 37 Years

Missing Man

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'Dead' Brazilian Starts Moving In Body Bag, Revealing He's Very Much Alive

Valdelucio Goncalves

Serial Plane Stowaway Arrested In Baggage Claim

Marilyn Hartman

DUI Suspect Lets 8-Year-Old Nephew Steer Car: Cops

Clarence Hairston
Delaware County Police Dept.

Look At This 29-Year-Old Virgin


Man Eats Pasta Off Subway Floor


EEK! Mom Finds Dead Mouse In Box Of Crunchy Nut Cereal

Rat Cereal
Solent News and Photo Agency

Porn Stars Let Fans Squeeze Breasts For Charity

Hands Breasts
Terry Doyle via Getty Images

Yes, This Kid's Riding A Homemade Hovercraft

Papa via YouTube

This Is What People's Faces Look Like Immediately After Getting Tased

Taser Photoshoot
YouTube / Fstoppers Fans

Man Fakes Kidnapping So He Can Party Without Girlfriend

On Phone At Bar
4774344sean via Getty Images

Cops Called After Airline Passengers Fight Over Seat Recline, Force Plane To Land

Airline Seats
fStop Images - Halfdark via Getty Images

Babysitter Sets Fire To Home Of 'Disrespectful' Kids: Cops

Austin PD

Don't You Hate When Your Poodle Gets Stuck In The Drain?

Shutterstock / tenten10

Rare Blue Lobster Caught In Maine

Blue Lobster
Jay LaPlante

'Grandma' Tackles Alleged Thief, Taunts Him

Tough Grandma
Ingram Publishing via Getty Images

Tourst Busted For Allegedly Scaling Brooklyn Bridge

Yaroslav Kolchin

What Is This Mysterious Red Blob?

Weird Red Blob