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October 13, 2015
Weird News Podcasts

TOPLESS WOMEN CONTROVERSY: A Message to Parents visiting Times Square


Want To Own Part Of A NYC Restaurant? Just Eat A 30-Pound Burrito

Athena Image
bhofack2 via Getty Images

LOOK! A Monster .... Or A Giant Hairball

Jersey Devil Weird Cryptozoology Weird Photos
Dave Black

Driver Goes Berserk, Does Doughnuts, Rams Police


DUI Suspect Broadcasts Her Wild Ride On Periscope: Police

Whitney Beall Weird Florida Too Much To Drink
Polk County Jail

News Hosts Hilariously Pranked With Spraying Skunk


Porn Shoot Accidentally Allowed At LA High School

Pornography High School

Moose Fight In The Suburbs Goes Viral


DUI Suspect Allegedly Claimed Dog Was Driving Car

Athena Image
Peter Cade via Getty Images

Mysterious 'Ripples' Zooming Away From Nearby Star Baffle Scientists

Ripples Star

Hear 911 Call Of ‘Too High’ Guy Found Surrounded By Doritos

Athena Image
pepifoto via Getty Images

Facebook Briefly Blocks The Phrase 'Everyone Will Know'

Everyone Will Know

Steven Tyler Asks Trump To Quit Using 'Dream On' For Campaign

Athena Image
Erika Goldring via Getty Images

Horror Icon Elvira Marries Boy And Ghoul

Elvira Wedding
Knott's Scary Farm

The Man Who Grew Eyes

Athena Image
© Kyle Bean

Things Only An Adult Thumb Sucker Knows

lolostock via Getty Images

You Shouldn't Criticize Those Vegetarians Who Eat Meat When Drunk

Kevin Fitzgerald via Getty Images

Now You Can Pay $19.99 For A Big Handful Of Dead Leaves via Getty Images

DNA From Man's Poopy Shorts Leads To His Arrest

Denver District Attorney

Shark Bites Surfer On Oahu's North Shore

Bob Evans via Getty Images

Know What Princess Leia's Slave Bikini Sold For? Take The Fark Weird News Quiz


Woman's Face-Down Halloween Dummy Gets Repeated 911 Calls


Got A Severed Head? Call Todd Robbins ... It's Time For 'True Nightmares'

Investigation Discovery (ID)

Man Brings Human Skull To Florida Grocery Store

Image Source via Getty Images


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Let's All Get Naked and Pose like Frozen Chickens

Scott MacBride via Getty Images

Gruesome 'Skin' Rugs Recall Horror Of Gang Violence

Renato Garza Cervera

Woman's Eye Sealed Shut After Friend Mistakes Glue For Eye Drops


Miss Thailand Aniporn Chalermburanawong To Wear Rickshaw Costume In Pageant


T-Rex Tries American Ninja Course, Is Less Than Dino-mite


WATCH: Police Chase Ends With Suspect Driving Into Ocean

Associated Press

The Moment This Bridge Collapses, Sending Hikers Plummeting

Credit: YouTube

Suspected Car Thief Drives Stolen Car To Police Station

St. Petersburg Police Dept.

Missing King Cobra Found Hissing Under S-s-s-stranger's Dryer

How A Shark Run-In May Have Saved A Man's Life

CBS Boston/YouTube

So Why Didn't The World End Yesterday?

Rob Atkins via Getty Images

Texas Man In Bitter Divorce Battle Sleeps On Front Lawn For 6 Months


Surprising Number Of Drunk Vegetarians Secretly Eat Meat