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December 2, 2015
Weird News Podcasts

American Sideshow: Ten Years After Writing About the Previous 150.

As a child, I repeatedly read about Wadlow's enormity in the first several pages of the annual Guinness World Records books. There were only a few images, but they were powerful, and they planted the seed for my lifelong curiosity into human anomalies.

This Remote Control Wienermobile Will Make Your Holiday Sizzle

Remote Control Wienermobile
Oscar Mayer

Cannibal Crocodile Eats Rival After Smashing It Into The Water

Athena Image
David Fleetham via Getty Images

NSFW Buffalo Chicken Finger Will Command Your Attention

Athena Image
Graça Victoria via Getty Images

Pope Francis Becomes Internet Rap Sensation

Athena Image

Goatman Is Hairy, Horny … And This Bah-h-hdass Won’t Go Away

Goatman / Twitter

Stormtroopers Catch A Wave And They're Sitting On Top Of The Galaxy


Fearless Lobster-Fetching Dog Puts Your Pet To Shame

Dog Lobster
Devoted to the Ocean

Dancing UFOs Hula Over Honolulu

Ufos Flying Orbs Hawaii Ufos Dancing Hawaii Ufos

What Must His Mother Be Thinking? He's Only Six!

Faison Fire
Faison Fire

People Want To Rename An English Train Station After Kanye West

Athena Image
Richard Drew/AP

Santa Sleeps 'Be-Clause' He's Tired

Sleeping Santa
AP Photo via Donnie Walters

This Building Won't Stop Screaming, And It's Driving People Nuts

Beetham Tower

Turtles Saved From Sudden Death Thanks To New Train Lanes

Turtle Train Kobe Japan
Suma Aqualife Park

You Won't Believe What 'The 12 Days Of Christmas' Really Cost

Modesto Bee via Getty Images

Man Takes Ambulance For Joy Ride, Strands Patient, EMTs: Police

Leonard Eugene Smith Dumb Crime Mug Shots
York Police Dept.

Weirdest Christmas Commercial Of 2015? Uh, Yeah

Weird Christmas

Bizarre 'Levitating Cars' Accident Mystery Solved

Levitating Cars
Live Leak

'Gangnam Style' Star Is Back With Bizarre New Video 'Daddy'

Psy Daddy

New German Police Gear Can't Protect Them From Ridicule

Christoph Azone

He Changed His Facebook Profile Picture And Became A Web Star

Athena Image
Gabriela Tulian via Getty Images

Reese's 'Tree' Peanut Butter Cups Are A Massive, Massive Failure

Athena Image
The Washington Post via Getty Images

Watch This Coke Can's Uncanny Impression Of Chewbacca

Johannes Hansen
CREDIT: YouTube/Johannes Hansen

Family Moves Into New Home, Gets A Very Unexpected Delivery

Athena Image
OpenRangeStock via Getty Images


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