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July 31, 2014

LOOK: Here's What Happens When You Fool Around On Train Tracks

Women On Train Tracks

Flight Attendant Warns Travelers To Flush Their Drugs Before Landing

Airplane Lavatory
Stuart Dee via Getty Images

Nude Woman Found In Stranger's Tub Sets Record Straight With Juicy Details

Sara Soto

Guy Eating Styrofoam Is Probably Not Eating What He Thinks He Is

Drunk Guy
YouTube: Taylor Berman

Lawyer Denies Doctors Amputated Penis During Circumcision

Sliced Cucumber
Ursula Alter via Getty Images

'Brooklyn Boys' Parodies 'Brooklyn Girls' And It's Super Legit


Reports Of Child Openly Pooping On Airline Seat Questioned

Child P
ATIC12 via Getty Images

Oklahoma Woman Calls Cops To Complain About Purity Of Her Meth


Mmm. Floor Chips.

Floor Chips

Someone Forgot To Tell This Dog How Slides Work


Fainting Goats: Are They Safe To Eat?

Fainting Goat Video

These People Want Their Middle Names Changed To 'Seamonster'

Sea Monster
fergregory via Getty Images

Priest Says Devil Won't Stop Texting Him

Big Cheese Photo via Getty Images

You Can Haz Hamster Wheel For Cats

Cat Hamster Wheel

Clowns Helps Fellow Clown Who Crashed Into Pole

Clown Car
Charles Gullung via Getty Images

He'll Draw 1 Inch Of A Penis For Every Dollar You Give

RapidEye via Getty Images

Mom Leaves Kids In Car To Perform Oral Sex On Boyfriend: Cops

Princess Marks
Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office

LOOK: Man On Segway Walks Hipster On Leash

Guo Dong / Buzzfeed

This Adorable Armadillo Will Roll His Way Into Your Heart

Armadillo Rollie

If You Attempt This World Record, Your Lungs Might Explode

I Believe Guy

This Is Why No One Should EVER Use A Diving Board

Diving Fail
YouTube: Katie Jorgensen

UFOs Over Toronto?

CTV via Twitter

It's That Time Of Year Again, Juggalos

Instagram: DJ Paul

LOOK: Furniture Designed To Look, Feel Like Human Skin

Body Of Skin
Gigi Barker

'Spider-Man' Punches Officer: Cops

Spiderman Times Square
YouTube: NYPost

Rodent Feasts On Treat In Vending Machine While We Lose Our Lunch


Here's 2 Minutes Of Disney Characters Falling Down

Didn't Do Your Pushups? This Wristband Will Shock You


Former WWE Champ Catches Suspected Burglar

Daniel Bryan
AP Images for WWE

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Toddler Runs Home To Watch Cartoons After Crashing Jeep

Toddler Crashes Car

A Freaky Toast To A Freaky Man

Tiara Chiaramonte

Okapi Baby And His Mom Flaunt Their Stripes In Candid PHOTO

Okapi Mother

Sex Toy Stuck In Woman's Vagina For 10 YEARS (PHOTO)

Sex Toy Xray
Journal of Sexual Medicine / Wiley

Hospital Amputates Penis Instead Of Circmcising: Lawsuit

Cutting Vegetables
Jonathan Gelber via Getty Images

This Pregnant Goat Will Forever Change What You Think Is Beautiful

Pregnant Goat

Town Economy Hopes To Clean Up On 'Wipe Local' Toilet Paper Campaign

Toilet Paper

Florida Man Run Over by Own Truck During Road Rage

Joseph Carl
Gainesville PD

WATCH: Bartender Sets Customer's Face On Fire While Making Drink

Face On Fire

Forget A Bed Of Nails; This Guy Lies On A Bed Of ONE Nail

Harley Newman

Travelers Won't Stop Using Woman's Yard To 'Relieve Themselves'

Jean Zipper
Tom Grill via Getty Images

Police Cars Collide When Cop Runs A Red Light

Red Traffic Light
Stefan Ziese via Getty Images

Study 'Says' Sniffing Farts Is Good For You, But Something Doesn't Smell Right

id-work via Getty Images

Hero Gets Ticket After Stopping To Save Ducklings From Traffic

Ducklings Road
Takeshi.K via Getty Images

9-Year-Old South African Boy Weds Elderly Woman

Nine Year Old Groom
Barcroft / Landov

The New York Daily News And AP Just Got Trolled By A Parody Twitter Account

Brooklyn Bridge
Jonathan Herbert I JH Images via Getty Images

WATCH: Here's A Bunch Of Lambs Jumping For Joy