Dr. Ruth, Robin Leach and Ellen Degeneres all in a Lucky Week!

05/02/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Wendy Diamond Social entrepreneur, humanitarian, endangered animal and rescue advocate

The "ruff" economy seems to be getting to everyone, even Lucky! So this week, I took her out and about so she could be the Lucky dog she used to be, still is and always will be! We started off the week at a very pet-friendly chic London hotel in New York City chatting with Patti LaBelle sans her two Rottweilers, Rain and Bolo. Not sure Lucky would be okay in the company of two Rottweilers, but she drooled while lapping it up with Patti. She probably was imagining one of her favorite's Best Buddy Bits™ Peanut Butter Dog Treats exclusively at to go with Ms. Lady Marmalade. Hopes are we will do a fundraiser with Patti, Rain and Bolo in her hometown of Philadelphia. Our question of the last few months to many celebs, Ms. LaBelle included, is what does she think President Obama should name his dog? With no hesitation, LaBelle blurts out Pookie! Lucky and I didn't ask why and who are we to question one of the most legendary musical Diva's of our time (no -- not Lucky the Diva -- she can't bark a note), we're talking Ms. Labelle.
We flew out to Los Angeles for meetings, restaurant openings, and the Genesis Awards. Hollywood's much-anticipated opening of the Food Network's Too Hot Tamale chef Susan Feniger's new restaurant, The Street. We were celebrating with Susan as we will be featuring her two Goldendoodles, Augie and Chewie, for our Bone Appetit section on Her dogs weren't invited, not all dogs have manners like Lucky; takes after her mother. In between vegetable dumplings, we ran into Desperate Housewife, herself Dana Delany, she loved Lucky and sadly had no pets to discuss at the time, her too hot male friend has two cats, as I said to Dana, and will announce now, men with cats are more nurturing and in touch with their feminine side. Listen, Dana is used to cat fights, as she is on the hit show with Hollywood's claw-bearing Teri Hatcher and Nicolette Sheridan. Meeeooow - Hissssss! Our favorite spotting was Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous host himself Robin Leach. Robin, although not a pet person, was still sure to tell us about his son's Maltese, Manna. Certainly even Lucky dreams of "Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams," well maybe more treat dreams. So yes Robin was asked the most important dog question of our time -- and not sure if Robin was confused being in Hollywood, not the rich and famous Beverly Hills, but he replied that President Obama should name his dog "lost" as we gazed at him in bewilderment he added -- like the television show! Woof? Maybe at that point he had way to much champagne?

Off to celebrate all the do-gooders in the animal community, it was time for Lucky and I to dress up to attend the 23rd Genesis Awards dinner at the Beverly Hilton. Presented by the Humane Society of the United States, the event was dedicated to ending the Canadian seal hunt; even Lucky signed (well pawed) the petition and so should all of you. The seals are so innocent and why man takes joy in beating them is beyond inhumane.

The awards pay tribute to the major news and entertainment media outlets for producing work in TV, film, print and the arts that helps to raise public awareness for animal issues and related causes, so obviously there was nowhere else on earth we'd rather be than in the company of all these amazing and giving people. During the vegan dinner Lucky and I schmoozed with Byron Howard, one of the directors of the animated Disney hit film Bolt. Lucky spent the whole time flirting with him, as certainly Lucky is as animated a character herself, it doesn't seem so far fetched. Did I also mention that Marley the actual dog from "Marley & Me" was in attendance! Lucky and Me, that has a ring to it, okay enough, the stars of the evening were the people helping bring awareness to the inhumane issues we face in our society! Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, received our beloved Gretchen Wyler's award in her honor, The Wyler Award, the most prestigious award of the night, for helping so many animal causes. We cracked up remembering the Animal Fair ( crazy photo shoot with Portia and Bean -- another Maltese! Lucky is a fan of any woman with a Maltese (including me)! We ended the week at the 52nd Annual New York Emmy® Awards Gala at the Marriott Marquis hotel honoring Katie Couric, anchor of the CBS Evening News, 60 Minutes correspondent and dog addict. Our favorite Dr. Ruth, was on hand with a bone to pick with us. And it wasn't about the birds and bees, but Elvis the contestant on CBS' Greatest American Dog! Dr. Ruth is upset because we kicked Dr. David Best and his dog Elvis off of CBS's Greatest American Dog. Dr. Best promised Dr. Ruth money for her documentary ( if Elvis won. She feels, thanks to us, that David did not bring home the bacon, that's $250,000 worth of bacon bits. On top of that she complained Dr. Best was in the doghouse on the show and missed out on her 80th birthday party--and that's a whopping 560 dog years. We all made up at the end and still we can now count on Dr. Ruth to answer any questions we have on puppy love! Dr. Ruth shared her wisdom over President Obama's issue with naming his dog, "Let the two girls come to an agreement on a name, Mr. President. You have too many other bones to pick!"