05/09/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

From Green Kilts To Green Golf Courses, Lucky's Been Putting It On!

Lucky & I spent the week celebrating the underdog! From children with Autism, to the Heritage of Scotland and of course the true cause to Lucky's heart the homeless animals! We had a ball at the Celebrity Connections & Good Causes media event at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square with GREASE star Olivia Newton-John and her new hunky husband, John Easterling of Amazon Herb Company. Lucky and I were so excited about meeting them as we knew all about their puppy love, especially since we are real experts check out:

Olivia met John through mutual friends in Los Angeles years ago. And when Olivia's Irish Setter Scarlett (sadly who has passed on) had puppies, Olivia sent one to John in Florida 16 years ago, which he named Sherlock. After John attended an Olivia Newton concert in Miami (with Sherlock) a couple years ago, he invited Olivia to join him and their friends (who originally introduced them) to the Amazon and a trip to Peru. That's where they fell heads over heels in love! One year later, John and Olivia married in Peru on the exact where it all happened and are living happily ever after in Florida with Sherlock and Jack (Olivia's Irish Setter).

Lucky and Olivia had an instant love connection (Lucky is a sucker for a puppy love story), and Olivia didn't want to give Lucky back -- maybe it's time for a little dog! I couldn't resist and had to ask Olivia what breed of dog she thought John Travolta might be, she laughed a "Collie! Sweet, very sweet, always there for you" Sounds a bit like Lassie, I would of thought a Greyhound, slick -- like Grease!

Next it was off to the Dress to The Kilt event where celebrities and guests were celebrating Scottish Heritage day. Lucky couldn't contain herself when she saw the Scottish James Bond acting legend (a.k.a. 007) Sean Connery (wearing a kilt) and his wife Micheline Roquebrune. Sean Connery grabbed Lucky out of my hands (obviously because Lucky looked so cute in my handmade kilt I made for her)( yes the little bit of Martha Stewart in me). I had to confess to Sean that Lucky is part Scottish terrier so who knows they may be related! If you are looking for a Easter or Kilt outfit to keep your pet warm this chilly spring check out for some affordable yet chic ones!

She's a little Runaway (Lucky that is) jetted off to join Bon Jovi drummer Tico Torres for his charity golf tournament, The Tico Torres Classic benefiting Be A Star Foundation (a non profit organization that assists thousands of critically ill children and their families in our the local area) and the Autism Project of Palm Beach County. The very pet-friendly, PGA National in Palm Beach, Florida was a giant dog park for Lucky!

We played golf with Jon Bon Jovi! Ok not THE rock star Bon Jovi but his father! I see why he is such a star, his father was a rock star on the golf course. Me, well I think I have more of a career as a caddie - I'm use to carrying bags (Lucky's dog bags that is). Lucky loved running all over the golf course! Lucky never hangs out with athletes (she prefers to be a lap dog) we hung out with Miami Dolphin's running back superstar Ricky Williams who is sans a dog at this time, he did have a Rottweiler mix named "Heisman". And then we ran into Simply Delicioso! chef Ingrid Hoffman and her spicy dog, Salsalita, a 6-year-old Yorkie, that kept barking about wanting a play date with Lucky! FX's Rescue Me Fire captain Jack McGee was ringleader of the benefit and father to four mixed rescue's Skeeter, Benjamin John, Molly Rose, and Johnnie.

Here's one for both dog lovers and golfers, since the driver is the Big Dog, than what's Lucky? I guess she is the Little Putter (nice thoughts - sounds like a constellation to me!) Check our to get a glimpse of Lucky.

Next Lucky and I chased our tails around and headed back to New York City Sunday morning to join NBC's Lester Holt and Jenna Wolf of The Today Show! We judged a Pet Look-A-Like contest.

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