03/16/2011 03:46 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

How to Keep Your Pet Safe This St. Patrick's Day


St. Patrick's Day is coming up! (St. Pawtrick's Day for all the pet parents and animal lovers out there!) Shamrocks, rainbows, leprechauns -- this holiday has it all. Named after Saint Patrick, the most recognized patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick's Day will be paw-sitively event-filled. For pet parents out there, St. Patty's can mean a lot of craziness and can be overwhelming for pets (and pet parents)! Here are some great tips for keeping your pet safe this St. Pawtrick's Day.

1. What are you going to be drinking this holiday? Well whatever it is, remember dogs absolutely should have no alcoholic beer or beverage! No matter how much they might beg for food and drink, alcohol is toxic for your pets and can make them extremely sick. If your pooch insists on joining in on the festivities, then buy a beer that's safe for dogs, like Dog Beer or Bowser Beer. These non-alcoholic, non-carbonated treats are purr-fect for pets. (For more information visit: or

2. Wear green or be pinched! Unfortunately your four-legged friend was not blessed with a green coat, but you can help them out. If you're going to dye your dog's fur green, make sure to use non-toxic, all-natural vegetable dye. Make sure that the coloring won't affect their sensitive skin and is okay if they lick it off. But beware, if your dog doesn't like their coloring, they won't be showing you any puppy love!

3. Don't want a bad fur day disaster? Try a St. Patrick's Day dog (or cat) costume instead! They can be the most fur-ocious Irishman roaming the streets this St. Patty's. Or maybe they're feeling more like the cutest little four-legged clover, after all it's good luck!

4. Parades, bars and parties will be happening all around town. The city might be going to the dogs, but you and your dog should go for your walk away from bars, parties, and parades. They can be hazardous to your pet and too overwhelming. Take a detour! If your pets are in the house where there is going to be a party, make sure there is a no-disturb area for your pet to relax and stay away from trouble.

5. Looking for an Irish dog? Maybe an Irish Water Spaniel, Irish Red and White Setter, Irish Setter, Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, Kerry Blue Terrier, Glen of Imaal Terrier, or an Irish Wolfhound? Whichever you might be looking for as your next four-legged companion, adopt an Irish breed at your local shelter. You'll both be in luck! For more information about Irish breeds and Irish breed adoption and animal rescue, check out sites like The Irish Setter Club of America, Irish Setter Breeders Club, or the Irish Terrier Club of America ( or Other Irish breeds can be found at your local shelter or animal rescue agency. For example, Gentle Giants is a non-profit working with large breeds, like the Irish Wolfhound. (for more information visit

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