Laughing With Lynch

06/09/2010 05:20 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011
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Animal Fair chats with Glee's most entertaining actress, Jane Lynch

The riotous Jane Lynch, best known for her role as deliciously horrible cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester in the smash hit Glee -- as well as show-stopping performances in Christopher Guest's movies A Mighty Wind, Best in Show and For Your Consideration -- sat down with Animal Fair to give the doggie dish!

Fans loved her in the breakout comedy, 40-Year-Old Virgin, and Jane's guest-starring roles including appearances in Help Me Help You, Boston Legal, The West Wing, Arrested Development and Two and a Half Men are enough to elevate an episode's quality by a factor of infinity. Recently wed to Dr. Lara Embry, Lynch is enjoying fame, family and the company of her four-legged friends.

Animal Fair: Tell us about your family of pets.
Jane Lynch: Olivia (named after recent Glee guest star, Olivia Newton-John) is a lhasa apso and Georgie is a wheaten terrier. My cats are Greta Marie, a grey tabby named after Greta Garbo, because she loves to be photographed and loves to be in the limelight; Riley, an orange tabby, with orange eyes and a magnificent tail. I think animals are God's gift to us. I really feel it was one of the loveliest gifts we have ever received, companionship with dogs and cats.

AF: Your animals have quite the personalities!
JL: Greta acts so cold and distant, but she's really not. It's a game. She acts like she could live without you but she really is a love. She has a soft heart. She comes running to the door to greet me. It's the best. Riley and Greta just love each other. They make a little heart when they sleep together- head to head. Riley is very shy and loves to hide. He mats up really bad because he's got thick fur, so he loves it when I cut the mats out and brush him. With Olivia, if you aren't paying enough attention to her, she growls at you and barks and gets very angry. She loves people more then she loves other dogs. She is the happiest little creature I have ever encountered. Georgie is a bit clumsy. She is always running into walls. She falls like a person... literally trips and falls. She makes me laugh all day long.

AF: What do you enjoy most about this profession?
JL: I am like a hired gun, so I go from one set to the other. I don't stay in one place very long, and I love that. It's really fun to be somebody completely different from who I was last week and meet really great people. Almost everybody I work with is really grateful to be in the business. This is an occupation where you do your best work when you're having fun. So, I am very lucky.

AF: Have your pets ever traveled with you on set?
JL: I took Olivia to North Carolina when I shot Talladega Nights. She had a great time. She was in her element because there were no other animals competing for my attention. She loves being out in the world.

AF: If Lara were a dog, what breed do you think she would be?
JL: A golden retriever because they are loyal, protective, very sweet and have a quiet strength that I adore.

AF: Do you celebrate the holidays with your pets?
JL: Everyone has holiday stockings and my dogs have their picture taken with Santa. They sit on his lap. Olivia's picture was hysterical last year. The Santa was rather solemn and he didn't smile. Olivia picked up on his energy right away. She has on this little Santa hat and she kind of looks melancholy. It is the funniest Christmas picture. They were all angry in it!

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