07/01/2010 10:41 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Mel Gibson Goes Off Again and Uses the N-Word-is Anyone Surprised?


Yep, Mel Gibson goes off again. In 2006 he was defaming Jewish people, and now he's moved on to black folks. He's allegedly been taped verbally attacking his baby-momma, Oksana Grigorieva. Apparently they're in a nasty dispute where she's claiming that Gibson has offered no child support. Among other psychologically impaired prose, like saying he's going to burn her house down, Gibson is also allegedly quoted as saying he hopes she "gets raped by a pack of n***ers."

This isn't funny, but for some reason I am laughing. Maybe it's because I have become so immune to the pathetic ramblings of racists and has-beens that it just doesn't faze me. Or maybe it's because his alleged comments are so excessively preposterous that I couldn't even take it seriously because of my long-standing habit of dismissing crazy people. But hopefully it moves Grigorieva enough to have him arrested, because even though this nonsense makes me chuckle, it ain't no joke. And though I don't take offense to craziness, I will take you to jail. Threaten to burn my house down? Dude, you're doing time!

One of the things that always makes me shake my head about racists is that they frequently denigrate other groups of people for the same type of behavior in which they themselves participate. Using the term "pack of niggers", is comparing black people to animals. Animals don't think, they react on instinct-animal instinct, like viciously verbally abusing (and allegedly physically abusing) and threatening the mother of your child because you're angry, because you can. Hmmm... whose the wild beast here? This is definitely not the behavior of someone with a Brave Heart.

Let's hope the worst thing that ever happens to Ms. Grigorieva was lying down with a vile loser like Gibson. Now there are three sides to any story. His, hers and the truth, but if in fact this is how it went down, Gibson has pretty much pulled the plug on a career that was already on life support. Even if there are many in Hollywood who actually share Gibson's twisted sentiments on race, I can't imagine many would want to be associated with walking bad press.

Is anyone surprised at Gibson's comments? Is anyone surprised that there are in fact people who still really feel this way about various ethnic groups? And I don't blame Grigorieva for the attack, but why would any woman get or stay involved with Gibson after his first display of drunken stupidity? People change, but seems as if his demons run deep and people typically don't make drastic changes in damaged mindsets very easily or very quickly. And at least Grigorieva reportedly had the common sense to get all this foolishness on tape. She gets a 2010 "Fierce Award" for that!

Hmm... will this blow over? If all this is true will people eventually dismiss Gibson's latest rant chalking it up to be just another display of a desperate ego from a dimming celebrity gone awry? Will we see a press conference or taped apology with Gibson crying what some are calling "Chris Brown" tears? Will we see Gibson on Celebrity Rehab taking mock responsibility for his transgressions? This all remains to be seen, but one thing's for sure. If Gibson really did go off like this, then no one has to worry about how he will pay. Anyone who feels it's okay to behave this way is already living in hell on earth.