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How I Predicted Sarah Palin's Debate Performance

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All day I've been accepting congratulations (well, mostly from myself) about my eerie prediction about Sarah Palin's performance in the debate. On the Monday before the debate on Wednesday, I wrote of Gov. Palin's surprising proficiency in foreign and domestic policy.

"Gov. Palin's surprising performance," I wrote, "began with the first question, 'How will Uyghur nationalism affect the future of the East Turkestan Islamic Movement?'" Gov. Palin responded with a detailed history of separatism in Xinjiang province and a list of the home regions of Uyghur farmers, from Kashgaria to Uyghurstan. She then winked at the camera and said, "Gotcha!"

I got the wink right, but missed on the Uyghurs.

I may also have been incorrect with my inference that Palin's agility would be the result of a brain transplant.

But what do you think is under all that hair? And did you see the pictures in the New York Times of the so-called "Beehive" salon she frequents? Nice place to hide a secret laboratory, I figure.

So you heard it here first--if Sarah Palin turns out to be an alien, or the product of a freak experiment, I get the credit, OK?

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