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Aptera Off to D.C. to Seek Loan Eligibility for Unconventional Advanced Vehicles

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Dismayed to discover that its three-wheeled electric commuter vehicle won't qualify for federal green car manufacturing loans under present policies, California-based Aptera Motors says it is heading to Washington to try to get the rules changed. [1] The vehicle, still in the per-production prototype stage of development, can travel up to 100 miles on a single charge of its batteries and deliver the fuel efficiency equivalent of 200 miles per gallon. [1] But the federal Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan program, which has $25 billion to foster manufacturing of the next generation of fuel-efficient vehicles, is only open to applicants that make automobiles and related components. [1] With its all-electric vehicle set for Q4 launch, SoCal manufacturer to update legislators about its American-made aerodynamic marvel that gets the equivalent of more than 200 mpg. [2] However, because the aerodynamically designed vehicle has a three-wheeled architecture which, according to Aptera engineers, improves highway efficiency by more than 25 percent due to lower resistance and weight the Department of Energy is not permitted to grant a loan. [2] As a matter of law, the DoE is adhering to the Advance Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Incentive Program, which makes funds available to support the development of fuel efficient vehicles - currently limited to four-wheeled vehicles. [2]
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