05/04/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Google Makes Gmail Search Accessible to All Comers

Google has released a new Gmail search tool that provides suggestions for messages, attachments and even file names in a move to degeekify its email service. Search Autocomplete is Mountain View's latest Labs add-on, and also highlights Google's sluggish response to improving search in its webmail app for all its users. Until now users of Gmail who were looking for a tucked-away message had to type in what Google described as "geeky" code to track down an email by using the service's advanced search tool. 2

Gmail users should be now able to turn on the Search Autocomplete feature from the Labs tab under Gmail Settings. After you type a couple of letters in the search box, results suggestions will show up, just like in Google Suggest. Gmail allowed users to store 1GB worth of emails, luring millions of users -- in comparison to the 5 to 10MB other typical webmail providers offered at the time. 1

Google has added some advanced features like the ability to search in specific places (e.g. in chats or sent items), or search for messages with attachments by certain type (e.g. docs or photos). 3
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