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Sempra Wants 300MW Plus of Solar in Arizona

  |   |   04/23/09 06:41 AM

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Sempra Generation aims to build at least 300 megawatts of solar power projects on land it owns in Arizona, and plans to start construction next year, said CEO Michael Allman on Wednesday. San Diego, Calif.-based Sempra is expanding the solar power project in Nevada by adding another 48 megawatts (see First Solar to Build 48MW Power Plant for Sempra). Building the solar power farm next to the conventional power plant helps to reduce costs by being close to existing transmission lines. Allman declined to say how much money the company plans to invest in the plan, or the size of the first project. 1

CEO Michael Allman, speaking Wednesday at a Dow Jones alternative energy conference in Redwood City, Calif., said Sempra aims to be the first company to own and operate 500 MW of solar power in the country. But according to Allman, Sempra is planning a whopping, yet-to-be-announced 300MW of solar facilities near Phoenix that would go a long way toward meeting that goal. The company, a subsidiary of San Diego, Calif.-based Sempra Energy, currently has more than 2600 MW of power plants in operation and plans to finance most if not all of the planned buildout from its revenue. 2

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