Tellme Voice App to Search Windows Mobile

05/30/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

On Wednesday, Microsoft planned to announce a new service that will work on Windows Mobile 6.5 devices and will let people speak into the phone to search the Internet, make phone calls and dictate text messages. The technology comes from Tellme, a company that offers hosted voice recognition services and was acquired by Microsoft in 2007. Key to the offering is a dedicated button that launches the service on the phone, said Marcello Typrin, director of product management for Tellme. That compares to the iPhone experience, where users must navigate to the apps page and open the Google Mobile App to use a similar voice-activated search service. 2

Everybody chuckled when Tellme, a mobile voice company snapped up by Microsoft almost two years ago, released its smartphone voice search application for BlackBerry, instead of for Windows Mobile. Thanks to a new native application that will be released on Windows Mobile 6.5 phones this coming fall, the ribbing may entirely subside. Vlingo -- a free voice service for BlackBerry and iPhone, but not yet Windows Mobile -- adds greater dictation powers, including launching native applications, updating your status on Facebook and Twitter, and reading back e-mail messages. 1

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