EU Votes to End Sale of Seal Products - Canada Not Happy

06/05/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The European Parliament voted to ban imports of seal products Tuesday, including fur coats and even omega-3 pills, trying to force Canada to end the annual seal hunt that animal rights groups call barbaric. The EU assembly overwhelmingly endorsed a bill that said commercial seal hunting, notably in Canada, is "inherently inhumane". 3

Europe moved today to halt the clubbing to death of hundreds of thousands of seals every year, when MEPs voted overwhelmingly to ban trading in seal products, hoping that the collapse of the market will drastically reduce the massacre. The decision to outlaw virtually all trade in seal products was directed mainly at Canada, where the yearly cull kills around 300,000 seals, a practice condemned by many as barbaric. 2

Canada has the world's largest commercial seal hunt but seals are also hunted in Greenland, Norway, the U.S., Namibia, Britain, Finland, and Sweden. 4

If the ban adopted by the European Parliament does not exempt humane and sustainable sealing, Canada pledged to launch a challenge at the World Trade Organization -- the global trade watchdog. 6

The legislation follows lobbying by animal welfare groups, which have long argued that the clubbing of seal pups by hunters is barbaric. 1

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