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Do Google's Carbon Offsets Add Up to Much?

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Google, a company that runs power-hungry data centers, employs thousands of people, and operates a corporate jet, said on Wednesday that it was carbon neutral for the past two years. The idea of a carbon offset is to compensate for the greenhouse gas emissions of a company or person by investing in a project that reduces emissions from the atmosphere. 1

In Wednesday evening's post announcing the company had finally achieved that goal, Weihl reiterated the company's 2007 promise of using carbon offsets was only a temporary fix and announced more initiatives towards long-term sustainability goals. 4

Through energy reduction and purchase of carbon offsets, Google says it has neutralized all of its 2007 emissions and part of 2008 emissions, as the company pursues its stated goal of carbon neutrality. In a plea for better carbon offset standards, Weihl writes: " Current standards for offsets require a significant amount of work to evaluate the quality of each offset project and ensure that projects go beyond business as usual. 2

Bill Weihl, who carries the title "Green Energy Czar" at Google, announced this milestone on a blog post yesterday. 3
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