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Think about John Liu's character with the future of USA

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If you want to vote John Liu for city comptroller,, please consider the following information. Please also see attached evidence.

Councilman John Liu--

A Pawn of the Chinese Communist Regime


1. John Liu supports the Chinese military rather than the American military.

In the seven years since Liu become a New York City councilman, it is rare to see him to support the American military. He rarely participates in ceremonies to commemorate U.S. men and women who died in military service.

In 2008, when Judy Chen, an American citizen whose two sons serve in the army in Iraq, went to Liu's office to seek his help after she was assaulted by agents from Communist China, she was driven out by Liu who refused to listen to any of her words.

However, when the Chinese military has successfully launched a spacecraft in 2003, Liu immediately went to the Chinese Consulate in New York to present a proclamation. He has continued doing this in 2005 and 2006. The Chinese military has listed the US as its enemy and always claimed that it can have a war with the US at any time.

2. As a Chair of the Transportation Committee, he has brought the worst traffic to Chinatown

Though Liu is the first Chinese councilman who has chaired the Transportation Committee, Chinatown residents have suffered horrible traffic in the last seven years. Traffic accidents happened everyday in Chinatown. In the middle of 2008, the death caused by traffic accident was almost once a month. Just in 2009, from January to May, there were already three deaths and more than twenty badly injured by traffic accidents in that area. We didn't see him doing anything practical to improve the situation.

This has indicated that he hasn't fulfilled his duty as a Chair of the Transportation Committee, nor does he care about Chinese Americans.

3. Assisting the Communist Regime in building a Red City in the USA

Flushing, John Liu's district, is the birthplace of religious freedom in the United States, as The Flushing Remonstrance was signed there in 1657. Yet it has now become a place where people are not free to practice their beliefs. Under Liu's support, Communist China has openly set up a station on Main Street to challenge the freedom of belief in our country and both verbally and physically attack anybody who practices a religion that the Chinese Communist Party doesn't approve of.

Thus, our fellow countrymen, for the future of our country, we urge you not to vote for John Liu for city comptroller, a man who betrayed American interests and values to serve the Communist regime.

God bless America!

The Committee of Removal Pro-Communist Officials

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