Refusing Corrupt Party Endorsements

08/02/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Because of the various investigations, the Daily News has called upon Andrew Cuomo to refuse to take the endorsement of the Working Families Party as has the NY Post, which also criticized Cuomo for accepting the Independence Party's support.


I wonder if either paper will call upon Rick Lazio to refuse support from a Party that sold its line last year to a candidate who opposes almost everything its platform.

The going rate for a ballot line in New York City appears to be $250,000.

That's how much it cost Mayor Bloomberg to win over the initially recalcitrant city Republican committees and earn the right to run a third time on their ballot line.

Four of the five county GOPs have filed their July 15 campaign finance reports, and each has received $50,000 apiece from the Democrat-turned-Republican-turned independent mayor.

(Richmond County has yet to file, but a GOP source says the mayor was careful to give everyone the same amount).

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