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Joshua S. Goldstein


State of the World's Wars

Joshua S. Goldstein | July 24, 2014 | World
Through the haze of horror and grief at war scenes around the world, systematic data collection can provide a needed big-picture perspective. The world's experts on war data, in Uppsala, Sweden, recently released the updated dataset on armed conflicts through 2013.
Raghida Dergham


The Peace Process Is Dying at the Hands of Israel With Help from Hamas

Raghida Dergham | July 24, 2014 | World
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made public and explicit this week, and for the first time, the Israeli positions that reject the two-state solution, that is, the establishment of the state of Palestine alongside the state of Israel.
Rabbi Baruch HaLevi


What Not to Say to a Zionist

Rabbi Baruch HaLevi | July 24, 2014 | Religion
Look, I know most, maybe all, of these comments were coming from a place of genuine concern. Who doesn't want to be cared for and have people in their lives who love them enough to express such sentiments? With that said, my friends, such sentiments don't sit well with Zionists.
Aryeh Younger


Keeping It Cool in the Diaspora

Aryeh Younger | July 24, 2014 | World
As personal as this war might be for many in the diaspora, it is crucial for our community to promote an environment that fosters respectful dialogue and debate. But more leaders on both sides must continue to advocate for respectful dialogue in order for change to come.
Amil Khan

In Syria, the People's Demands Are Still Key

Amil Khan | July 24, 2014 | World
With extremists allying with tribal leaders to take over swathes of Iraq, and Russia and Iran helping keep Bashar al Assad in power in Syria, it is difficult to imagine we ever thought ordinary people had the power to change anything.
Shermin Kruse


Iranians' Consumption of Western Media, and the Government's Concessions

Shermin Kruse | July 24, 2014 | World
Despite the Iranian government's strict ban on the consumption of Western music, film, television and culture, the Iranian public's thirst for such forms of art and entertainment is unrelenting, and sometimes, the government gives in.
Zarghuna Kargar

Our World: The War Widows of Afghanistan

Zarghuna Kargar | July 24, 2014 | World
The experiences of Afghan widows may on the surface seem a world apart from those experienced by U.S or British women who lost husbands in the same war. But they are united by something than transcends borders and culture; as a universal sense of loss.
Coleen Rowley


Petition to Congress: End Israel's Bombing and Blockade

Coleen Rowley | July 24, 2014 | Politics
As I wrote on Facebook and again on this petition, I just don't see what good can be gained in the horrific slaughtering of so many children!
The Center for Public Integrity


Afghans Don't Like Soybeans, Despite a Big U.S. Push

The Center for Public Integrity | July 24, 2014 | World
Afghanistan has a rich culinary tradition, but soybeans have not been a part of it. American agricultural experts who consider soybeans a superfood find this dismaying, and so over the past four years, they have invested tens of millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars to try to change the way Afghans eat.
Olivier Blanchard


The Slow Recovery Continues

Olivier Blanchard | July 24, 2014 | Business
The recovery continues, but it remains weak, indeed a bit weaker than we forecast in April. We have revised our forecast for world growth in 2014 from 3.7 percent in April to 3.4 percent today. This headline number makes things look worse than they really are.
Anne Gallagher

Murders in Italy Highlight the Victimization of Smuggled Migrants

Anne Gallagher | July 24, 2014 | Impact
The overlap between smuggling and trafficking is all around us. We don't yet know exactly what happened to that group of migrants found dead in Italy but recent experiences indicate the story likely involves deception, extortion and violence.
Barbara Drake Boehm

Dateline Jerusalem 1229

Barbara Drake Boehm | July 24, 2014 | Arts
From today's vantage point, the Holy Land seems a region ever immersed in heart-wrenching strife, destined to host unending, unrelenting conflict. But, there are less-known incidents in the long history of Jerusalem, the city at its heart, that allow us to imagine other possibilities.
Alon Ben-Meir


The Double Folly

Alon Ben-Meir | July 24, 2014 | World
The war between Hamas and Israel has exposed the folly of both sides. Hamas' long-standing objective to destroy Israel has come back to haunt it, which may eventually spell its own demise. Conversely, Prime Minister Netanyahu's unwillingness to end the occupation and the blockade has also shown the folly of his policy. The sad irony is that Hamas' leaders know that they will never be able to seriously threaten Israel existentially, and every time they challenge Israel, they subject the Palestinians in Gaza to the horror of war, destruction, and death. Similarly, Netanyahu does not recognize that continuing the occupation and the blockade is unsustainable and there is no such thing as secure borders in the age of rockets, regardless of how fortified they may be.
Abby Huntsman


Six Year Blues

Abby Huntsman | July 24, 2014 | Politics
Mr. President, for too long your approach to foreign policy has been reactive, not proactive. It feels like we're always playing catch-up. Now is the time to tell us what it is you want us to do. What are our goals? What is most important to us? And how are we going to get there?
Hani Almadhoun


Living Gaza's Horror From Beyond Borders

Hani Almadhoun | July 24, 2014 | World
My father risks his life every day going to his grocery store to make sure people have the supplies they need to break their fast. But he tells me the supplies are running low everywhere in Gaza.
David Harris


Hamas Versus Israel: Moral Fog Awards

David Harris | July 24, 2014 | World
Although the distinction between Israel and Hamas couldn't be clearer -- between a democratic nation and a terrorist organization, between the victim and the aggressor, between a society that protects its civilians and one that uses them as human shields -- some consider all that irrelevant, unimportant, or beside the point.
Shimon Peres


We Will Not Deviate From Our Moral Heritage

Shimon Peres | July 24, 2014 | World
Read More: Israel, World News
I came to thank you for the privilege you granted me to serve our country and its people for the past seven years. There is no greater privilege. Thank you. Israel, this small country, became a truly great state.
Ronald Tiersky


Whose God Is the One True God?

Ronald Tiersky | July 24, 2014 | World
The potential for religious war was transformed by the advent of monotheism, the belief that there is only One Almighty God that characterizes the three Abrahamic faiths: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
Hind Kabawat

Children of Syria

Hind Kabawat | July 24, 2014 | World
Teenagers joining extremist groups are a growing sign of the desperation facing young Syrian refugees. It should also be a stark warning to the outside world that has been content to stand by while the fighting continues.
David A. Love


The Unheard Voices Against the Occupation

David A. Love | July 24, 2014 | World
Among Jewish Americans and Israelis themselves, there is a diversity of opinion on the Israeli invasion of Gaza and on the Occupation of the Palestinian people.
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