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Bhaskar Chakravorti

Disrupting Cash in India: Modi's Unprecedented Social Experiment

Bhaskar Chakravorti | December 6, 2016 | World
This article first appeared in my regular column in the Indian Express. "Time has come for everyone, particularly my young friends, to embrace e-banking, mobile banking and more such technology". So said Narendra Modi, doubling up as the nation's digital evangelist-in-chief. Appropriately, he "said" this via a tweet. PM Modi's...
Daniel Wagner

Can The Iranian Nuclear Deal Survive The Trump Presidency?

Daniel Wagner | December 6, 2016 | World
Donald Trump's shocking victory will bear important, albeit unclear, implications for a variety of America's bilateral relationships, few more important than its relationship with Iran and the impact that may have on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).
Doug Bandow

U.S. Policy Should Appeal To Chinese Public Opinion

Doug Bandow | December 6, 2016 | World
When the Berlin Wall fell 27 years ago, signaling the end of communism as a serious international force, no one cared much what people in China thought. The People's Republic of China had escaped its Maoist catastrophe only a decade before. Beijing was almost a nullity in foreign affairs. Today...
The Conversation Africa

Boredom, alienation and anxiety in the maths classroom? Here's why

The Conversation Africa | December 6, 2016 | World
Brian Hudson, University of Sussex The quest for appropriate teaching and learning practices for children and young people is ongoing and ever present. A major challenge is to make maths teaching more inclusive and maths itself more accessible to...
Daphne Eviatar

Military Commissions 'Disrespectful To Our System Of Justice'

Daphne Eviatar | December 6, 2016 | World
On Monday, the first day of the final week of hearings in the 9/11 case during President Obama's tenure, the Guantanamo military commission was focused on whether one of the five accused men had sufficiently recovered from hemorrhoid surgery to sit in the courtroom.
Nathan Gardels

These Charts Show the People and Platforms Most Influential Online in 2016

Nathan Gardels | December 6, 2016 | World
Each year, The WorldPost joins with the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute in Zurich and MIT research scientist Peter Gloor to measure which thinkers and platforms are most influential on the global digital universe. For the first time, this year we analyzed the Arabic-language web as well as those in English, Spanish,...
The Conversation US

Italian Referendum: Neither Trump Nor Brexit

The Conversation US | December 5, 2016 | World
The challenge now for Italy's political leadership is to avoid any loss of confidence in Italy's banking sector or in the long-term sustainability of its public finances. This challenge is both practical and political in nature.
Mark Weisbrot

Fidel Castro Turned Out To Be Right About The US Role In Latin America

Mark Weisbrot | December 5, 2016 | World
Reactions to the death of Fidel Castro Ruz have highlighted some of the differences in the way the Cuban revolutionary and long-time head of state is perceived throughout the world.
Eric Dezenhall

Castro, The Mob And Capitalism's Full Circle

Eric Dezenhall | December 5, 2016 | Politics
The death of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro has provoked intense commentary, but one story we haven't heard much about is how Castro's rise brought about one of the greatest business reversals in the history of American capitalism - and, now, perhaps a comeback?
Katie Redford

What Happens In Colombia Doesn't Stay In Colombia

Katie Redford | December 5, 2016 | World
After years of litigating against Chiquita on behalf of Colombian villagers terrorized by Chiquita-sponsored death squads, a federal judge denied the company's latest attempt to get rid of our case and escape justice.
Daphne Eviatar

Trump Should Watch The Military Commissions Before Continuing Them

Daphne Eviatar | December 5, 2016 | World
Among the many questions Donald Trump will have to consider when he takes office in January is whether to keep trying to prosecute the five alleged masterminds of the 9/11 terror attacks in the military commissions at Guantanamo Bay.
Ninja Charbonneau

The Children I Teach In Aleppo Inspired Me To Find Joy In Life's Simple Pleasures

Ninja Charbonneau | December 5, 2016 | World
Despite the tragic reality, we try to maintain some semblance of a normal daily life. We're happy at weddings and graduations, and we even run little businesses.
Lucia Annunziata

Italy's Referendum Results Have Much Wider Implications Than Renzi's Future

Lucia Annunziata | December 5, 2016 | World
Matteo Renzi is paying for what many had repeatedly pointed out as the Achilles' heel of his government: the lack of a real relationship with the country and the masses.

Japan's Chichibu Night Festival Attracts 320,000 Visitors

AsiaToday | December 5, 2016 | World
[The Chichibu Night Festival (Chichibu Yomatsuri) reached its peak on Dec. 3 in Saitama Prefecture. It is one of Japan's best-known festivals. Recently, UNESCO decided to add it to its Intangible Cultural Heritage list./ Photographed by Uhm Soo-ah] By Um Soo-ah, Tokyo...
Shashi Tharoor

From Trump's America to Modi's India, Mandatory Patriotism Is Dangerous

Shashi Tharoor | December 5, 2016 | World
NEW DELHI ― The worldwide swell of nationalist fervor notched up a curious victory last week when India’s Supreme Court, once seen as a bastion of liberalism in a land of passionate political contention, issued an “interim ruling” making it compulsory for all movie theaters to screen a...
Daniel Williams

Fidel Castro, Conventional Dictator

Daniel Williams | December 5, 2016 | World
Fidel Castro's ashes were buried in a sort of boulder yesterday after a nine-day cortege trip across Cuba, an island he left in cinders after the long, harsh dictatorship. The island is now ruled by Fidel's brother, Raul, part of the incompetent ruling class that has dominated Cuba since 1959....
Marco Vicenzino

Analyzing Italy’s Fierce Anti-Establishment Reaction

Marco Vicenzino | December 5, 2016 | World
Read More: Italy, World News
Following the surprise Brexit outcome and Donald Trump’s shock U.S. presidential victory, the humiliating referendum defeat and resignation of Italy’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi marks the third electoral victory for reaction-politics in the west in less than six months. Although Italy’s referendum was technically about constitutional change, it...
Marjorie Cohn

The Remarkable Legacy Of Fidel Castro

Marjorie Cohn | December 5, 2016 | World
When Fidel Castro died on Nov. 25 at the age of 90, we lost one of the most remarkable leaders of the 20th century. No other head of state has so steadfastly stood up to the United States and survived. In 1959, the Cuban Revolution,...
Doug Bandow

Could President Bill Clinton have Changed History in North Korea?

Doug Bandow | December 4, 2016 | World
Another U.S. president soon will have to deal with North Korea, which has been busy developing nuclear weapons for a quarter century or more. The Kim dynasty is on its third leader, Kim Jong-un, who recently presided over Pyongyang's fifth nuclear test. By the end of the year the North...

Jay Chou's Wife Hannah Quinlivan Expecting Second Child?

AsiaToday | December 4, 2016 | World
By Hong Soon-do, Beijing correspondent, AsiaToday - Taiwanese-Korean beauty Hannah Quinlivan, 23, is rumored to be pregnant and expecting her second baby with husband and Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou. Hannah, also known as Kun Ling, was born in Taiwan to an Australian dad and a Korean-Taiwanese mother. Some media...
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