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Courtney O'Donnell


Swedish Judge Rules Man Not Guilty of Attempted Rape of Trans Woman Because She Has No Vagina

Courtney O'Donnell | Posted September 5, 2012

To no surprise, reaction to this decision from the trans community has mostly been one of disgust and outrage: A rape is a rape, vagina or no vagina. Some say the ruling renders trans people subhuman if only vagina-seeking rapists can be charged with rape.
Lin Evola


A Historic Arms Trade Treaty

Lin Evola | Posted September 5, 2012

At this week's historic closed meeting at the United Nations to hammer out a global arms trade treaty, the greatest question was: What would a global arms trade treaty look like? Will it protect the human imperative, or will it facilitate the sale of weapons to developing countries?
Staceyann Chin



Staceyann Chin | Posted September 5, 2012

Two miracles were happening: 1) The child inside my uterus, the one who had threatened miscarriage more times than I can count, was finally on the way; and 2) Jamaica's highest office was publicly taking a human-rights stance in support of its LGBT community.
Marie Staunton


A Perfect Storm in Mali

Marie Staunton | Posted September 5, 2012

Here in Mali, families are trapped in a perfect storm - the consequences of climate change and political regime change. Drought has led to a dreadful harvest and rocketing prices, whilst the departure of Gaddafi has led to migrating mercenaries, laden with arms.
Sean Kay


From Ireland to Greece: Tragedy and Renewal in the Eurozone Crisis

Sean Kay | Posted September 5, 2012

What struck me most in talking to people in Athens and other parts of Greece was how common the refrains were from my visits to Ireland. People in both countries want the world to know the pain they are feeling.
Udi Urman


‏Welcome Back to the Disco Days

Udi Urman | Posted September 5, 2012

Gay people have a battle to wage for their right to a normal life all over the world. So finally, when something is good and moving forward on the right track -- even if it is in Israel, which too many people love to hate -- embrace it, love it and enjoy it.
L. Steven Sieden


Looking for Synergy in All the Wrong Places - Buckminster Fuller's Vision

L. Steven Sieden | Posted September 5, 2012

Synergy is not some magical device that causes extraordinary results when people work together. It is behavior of whole systems that cannot be predicted by behavior of the individual parts of that system when observed separately.
Sonia Pinto


"I Love You, But I'm Leaving": Afghanistan's Alimony

Sonia Pinto | Posted September 5, 2012

At May's NATO summit in Chicago, some points were made clear. Afghans have two years to get their act together, backtrack, and tastefully re-embrace participatory politics. So what happens if they don't?
Muhsin Usman


How America Is Fueling Radicalization of Muslims and How to Reverse It

Muhsin Usman | Posted September 5, 2012

Drones and militarized aid have no place in today's globalized world. Where do we want to see our flag: displayed on humble office desks or being burned in the streets? The choice is ours.
Irene Finel-Honigman


Mr. Hollande, Which Mitterand Will You Be?

Irene Finel-Honigman | Posted September 5, 2012

During the presidential campaign Francois Hollande consistently evoked the name and legacy of Francois Mitterrand who governed France from 1981 till 1995. But Mitterrand performed a complete U-turn during this time.
Dr Layla McCay


Why it Matters That 15 Women in Rural Bangladesh Have Pictures of Me in Their Phones

Dr Layla McCay | Posted September 5, 2012

When I asked the women I met in rural Bangladesh how many owned phones, most did. But when I probed on what they used them for, the answer was calling and photos.
Jigar Shah


Center for Global Development has Announced a 'New Rich Energy Program'

Jigar Shah | Posted September 5, 2012

What our friends at CGD clearly don't understand is that decades of pouring billions into grid extension have failed Africa.
Committee to Protect Journalists


Afghan draft media law should be addressed as aid condition

Committee to Protect Journalists | Posted September 5, 2012

Read More: Cpj
By Bob Dietz/CPJ Asia Program Coordinator One thing that had better be high on the agenda this weekend at the meeting of 70 or so international aid donors for Afghanistan in Tokyo is the recently released official draft version of the Mass Media Law (a copy of the...
Ted Piccone


Getting Real on Human Rights at the U.N.

Ted Piccone | Posted September 5, 2012

In the past several days, sound and fury again erupted in Geneva, with allegations of hypocrisy leveled against the United Nations Human Rights Council.
Robert Naiman


Close Presbyterian Vote on Selective Divestment Shows Likudniks Losing Middle America

Robert Naiman | Posted September 5, 2012

The fact that the "American Jewish establishment" could only muster a two-vote majority at the Presbyterian Church USA General Assembly shows what the future holds for the Likudniks if they do not change their policies towards the Palestinians.
Anthony Papa


Ex-Argentinian Dictators Convicted of Stealing Babies

Anthony Papa | Posted September 5, 2012

As seen by the recent Argentina convictions and the historic reforms of the Rockefeller Drug laws in that occurred in 2009 it shows that perseverance and determination can result in achieving justice.
Tom Healy


Fulbright Scholars: Sharing the World Through Storytelling

Tom Healy | Posted September 5, 2012

Fulbrighters prove that storytelling is very much alive -- in the wilderness and the city, in medinas and souks and villages, among the cats and storks, in the world's tallest buildings, in the slums and labor camps, on artificial islands lined with McMansions, in the sandstorms of the desert.
Serra Sippel


The U.S. Global Health Initiative and Diplomacy

Serra Sippel | Posted September 5, 2012

Full and sustained implementation of GHI's principles is the best way to ensure that U.S. global health programs make a real, measurable difference in the lives of those served by U.S. foreign assistance, and that U.S. dollars are spent effectively.
Dr. Josef Olmert


With Tlass Defection Bashar Assad's Troubles Are Mounting

Dr. Josef Olmert | Posted September 5, 2012

The dynamics of the situation as unfolded until now clearly indicate that Syria constitutes a special case in the chronicles of the "Arab Spring," but one which will lead to a result similar to that achieved in Libya, Tunisia and Egypt -- a change of the regime.
Raghida Dergham


An International Understanding Over the Exit of Assad and His Relatives, With the Regime Remaining in Place

Raghida Dergham | Posted September 5, 2012

When will the Syria matter be settled? No one has a definitive answer, but the majority are saying that a political solution will come before the end of the year. That is if this is not undermined by developments that would impose militarization.
Layla Demay


What Would a French Woman Do?

Layla Demay | Posted September 5, 2012

Read More: French Women
I'm French and in your country, I'm as divine as the Holy Ghost. I know, I know, I didn't create the universe. I accomplished far better.
Krista Tippett


The Real Environmental Crisis: Lessons From the Green Patriarch

Krista Tippett | Posted September 5, 2012

How interesting and fitting that the natural world might be the ground that brings science and religion back to a shared sense of purpose after a few hundred years of estrangement.
Myriam Sidibe


Handwashing With Soap Can Help Us Achieve the Millennium Development Goals

Myriam Sidibe | Posted September 5, 2012

Being able to live a clean, active and healthy life should be a basic human right. Yet, this is not a privilege that everyone has -- a point underscored by two high level reports last week.
Project Compassion Stanford


The Kindness of Strangers

Project Compassion Stanford | Posted September 5, 2012

In what cities is a needy stranger more likely to receive help? What sort of community teaches a citizen to withhold compassion toward strangers? Dr. Robert Levine has spent much of the past two decades systematically exploring these questions.
Dr Rory Finnin


Ukraine: Europe's Terra Malecognita

Dr Rory Finnin | Posted September 5, 2012

What Euro 2012 has revealed is a real and immediate need for us to study Ukraine on its own terms and to engage the country more directly as an object of knowledge, if only to see how its problems are dwarfed by its hard-won achievements and promising possibilities.