11/09/2011 04:09 pm ET | Updated Jan 09, 2012

Questioning The Dark Side Of "Girls Night Out"

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By: Mikki Robinson

Sexy. Provocative. Slutty. Pretty. Easy. Girls night out involves getting dressed up and going out with your friends to have a good night.

Somehow there is always another female in the room who’s a hater and has negative words for you. "She thinks she’s cute." "She’s doin too much." "She look like a ho."

There are just as many dudes with comments about what you have on as females. "Damn, she sexy as f**k." "Look at her booty." "She hella thick."

Unfortunately, some dudes take it too far. They wanna grab your arm as you walk by. They slap your booty. They come up behind you and rub all over you. Some even try to get you to go into the bathroom with them. Then you have the grimey dudes. The ones that follow you out to your car and try to take you home. Some try to push you into the car and do it right there.

They cover your mouth so no one can hear you scream. They hit you and tell you that they will kill you if you fight back. When they finish, they smile in your face and walk away like nothing happened, leaving you crying in the backseat feeling completely helpless.

Did I bring this upon myself? Was I dressed too sexy? Do I look like a ho? When did ladies night turn into invitations to get sexually harassed and raped? When did me dressing up to feel good about myself give some man permission to rape me? Did I ask for this? No. Did he do this to someone else?


Will I survive and get over this?


Sexy. Provocative. Slutty. Pretty. Easy. Somehow these words take on a different meaning.

I don’t think ladies night will ever be the same again.

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