08/11/2011 02:55 pm ET | Updated Oct 11, 2011

Thom Goolsby, NC State Senator, Calls Obama's "Political Operatives" a Threat for Registering Voters

Thom Goolsby, a Republican from New Hanover County, North Carolina, who was elected to the state Senate in 2010 as a part of a big Tea Party wave, sent out an e-mail to his supporters on August 10, in which he call President Obama's "socialist policies" a great threat to not only North Carolina, but also to the entire nation.

He accuses Obama of running a political machine with its "political operatives" in support of the Democratic governor Bev Perdue's re-election campaign. Governor Perdue has vetoed a record number of bills that were brought to her by the Republican-controlled state legislature, including the Voter ID Bill, HB 351, which Goolsby singles out as the work of this "political machine." This bill would have forced voters to show a photo identification at the polls.

Perdue wrote in her veto announcement that "[t]his bill, as written, will unnecessarily and unfairly disenfranchise many eligible and legitimate voters." The state legislature did not have enough vote to override Perdue's veto.

And what exactly is the mechanism by which Obama's political machine operates, creating a threat to America and to North Carolina specifically? Registering voters.

Read his e-mail below:

The Danger of Underestimating Obama

August 10, 2011

Dear Friends,

I want to recommend for your reading this excellent article from the Washington Times written by Congressman Dan Burton of Indiana. Our country is facing a grave economic crisis and many attribute this to Obama's inexperience and incompetence.

Not entirely true, says Burton. He argues persuasively that Obama knows exactly what he is doing and the American people underestimate him at their peril. We had all better wake up to the threat his policies pose. North Carolina is not a safe haven from Obama-style socialist policies. What happens in Washington is seriously impacting job creation and economic growth in the Tar Heel State.

The Obama political machine now controls the NC Democratic Party. Even as I write this, Obama has political operatives working full time in New Hanover County registering voters. Governor Perdue's re-election campaign is run by an Obama strategist and she vetoed the Voter-ID bill. I agree with Rep. Burton -- we underestimate this threat to America and North Carolina at our peril.

Click here to read full Washington Times article


Thom Goolsby
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You can look at Goolsby's letter here.

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