Reward a Dem for Doing it Right

05/25/2011 11:55 am ET

Democrats too often see campaigning as a zero-sum game -- if an activist volunteers for another candidate, then he's not working for me; if a donor is giving to someone else, then she's not giving to me. The experience of the '04 cycle should have shown everyone that it doesn't work that way. But the misperception persists.

That's why I was really happy to get this email from Maria Cantwell fundraising not for her own very tough re-election campaign, but for Congressional candidate Darcy Burner, whose opponent is getting a fundraising visit from Karl Rove today.

I know that Ned Lamont recently did this too, but what's significant here is that it shows the Netroots lessons of '04 really are changing the way the broader Democratic campaign culture operates.

Please make a donation to Darcy Burner AND Maria Cantwell to reward this good strategery!
(both candidates are featured at that link)