06/22/2010 02:19 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Rolling the Credits on Chicago Violence

Chicago has become the unintended setting for a rather scary movie.

The storyline is grim, full of senseless killings and more people wondering when the violence will end. In fact, this movie never seems to approach the climax. Instead, we are stuck looking at a continuous loop of rising action.

One example of "rising action" is the bloody weekend that our city just experienced. Over 50 people being shot in one weekend is nothing you put on the sports page, folks. But this particular scene seems to play over again- just with new victims.

Could it be the fault of Mayor Daley or police chief Jody Weis? That's what some folks have written in comment boxes on news sites and blogs. However, I wouldn't consider them "directors" or "producers," as much as I deem them "main characters."

That's what Chicagoans must realize. We can't look to the politicians, preachers, or even the police to solve this problem. They can help, but we must learn to help ourselves. The one good thing about this movie is that we can "improvise" our lines and actions, since there is no defined director except the Almighty. The Almighty has given us the power to be the change we want to see -- and I'm not talking about the Man in the White House; I'm talking about the one folks call "The Man Upstairs."

We can end this movie, but by playing the role of a helpless citizen we just prolong what should not be the inevitable.

Since Transformers 3 is filming some scenes here soon, let's do a dress rehearsal of our own to show the world that Chicagoans are fearless, determined, and victorious.

Where's that clapperboard?

It's time to yell: "cut!"