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April 1, 2015

Adorable Puppies Predict The Final Four Outcome


The Justin Bieber Roast Jokes You Didn't Get To Hear

Bieber Roast

Holy Schnikes! 'Tommy Boy' Is 20 Years Old Already

Tommy Boy

9 Thoughts That Go Through Your Head While Watching A Ted Cruz Interview

Ted Cruz Interview Questions
HuffPost Comedy

If You're Anti-Gay, Indiana Wants You To Visit

Funny Or Die

R2-D2 Tries Dating, Has His Little Metal Heart Broken

Evan Atherton

Helen Mirren Is Even Better On Helium


Trevor Noah's Tweets Were Offensive -- But Let's Not Write Him Off Just Yet

Trevor Noah Comedian
Kevin Winter/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

David Spade Posts Touching Remembrance Of Chris Farley

Franziska Krug via Getty Images

The Best GIFs Of Ellen Scaring The [Bleep] Out Of Celebrities


The Death of Fake Reality Television, The Birth of 'Connected'

Getty Images for AOL

The First Annual Huffington Post Weedvent Calendar

Tru Cannabis, Denver Colorado

Should Twitter Lay Off Trevor Noah?

Byron Keulemans

Retro Photos Of Jim Carrey's Spot-On Celebrity Impressions

Maureen Donaldson/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Imag

These Events Were Canceled Because Of Indiana's New Anti-Gay 'Religious Freedom' Law

Omar Vega/Invision/AP

Rewatch Snoop Dogg Teaching Martha Stewart To Make 'Special' Brownies

Lester Cohen via Getty Images

Justin Bieber's Roast Takes A Sentimental Turn At The End

Christopher Polk via Getty Images

Figuring Out Your Crush's Age Can Be Hilariously Complicated



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Ron Burgundy Roasts Justin Bieber For His 'STDs'

Comedy Central

Martha Stewart Tells A Really, Really Dirty Joke

Comedy Central

Watch Gonzo Do The Humpty Hump


Watch Hannibal Buress Expertly Shut Down A Heckler In Delaware


Here's The Truth About Interracial Dating... Mostly


9 Things Your Parents Say That You Never Want To Hear

HuffPost Comedy

Weatherman Awkwardly Deals With Outfit Hangup On Air


'Veep' Could Feature The 'Shortest Presidency In History'


Jim Gaffigan's New TV Show Is Like If 'Sex And The City' Starred A Comedian With Five Kids

TV Land

Here's What You Need To Know About Trevor Noah, New 'Daily Show' Host

NBC via Getty Images

Trevor Noah Is Officially Your Next 'Daily Show' Host

Byron Keulemans

The Teletubbies Video Of Your Nightmares