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July 28, 2015

Tom Cruise And Jimmy Fallon Reenact 'Top Gun' During Lip Sync Battle


The Eagle Has (Crash) Landed

Lauris Grantis

Whitney Cummings Didn't Get A Face-Lift, She Just Gained Some Weight

Ethan Miller via Getty Images

Katniss Is Jon Snow's Worst Enemy In This 'Hunger Games' And 'GoT' Mashup


A Review Of 30 Summer Beers, All Of Which I Consumed Last Night


If Those Inspirational Wedding Pics Were Honest


Young Couples Try To Write Handwritten Love Letters To Each Other


Which Donald Trump Are You?

Matthew Busch via Getty Images

Johnny Depp Feeds A Baby Bat As Captain Jack Sparrow

Australian Bat Clinic

Trump Is #1 In The Polls, And So Was The 'Macarena'

HuffPost Comedy

'Key & Peele' To End After Current Season

Frazer Harrison via Getty Images

Saturday's Morning Email: Funnies Edition

Mike Kemp via Getty Images

11 Photos Every Dating Profile Must Have If You Want Anyone To Love You Ever Again

Man's Jump Into Pool Goes Ridiculously Wrong


Jimmy Fallon's Surprise Performance With U2 Will Make You 'Desire' More


Undeniable Evidence That Amy Schumer And Bill Hader Are In The Illuminati

Brendon Thorne via Getty Images

Jimmy Kimmel Reveals Donald Trump’s New Campaign Ad Has A Special Twist


Jimmy Fallon's #ThereISaidIt Tweets Reveal What You'd Say If You Were Donald Trump



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Donald Trump's Baby Photo Proves He Wasn't Always A Caricature

Scott Olson via Getty Images

Jon Stewart Rides Donald Trump's 'B***job Roller Coaster'

Comedy Central

The Rock's 'Baywatch' Film Is Almost A Reality


Jedi Chipmunks Fight With Lightsabers, Universe Wins


Lindsey Graham's Leaked Voicemails Are Very Revealing

Funny Or Die

Who Said It: Donald Trump Or Mr. Burns From 'The Simpsons'?


Now Everyone In 'Jurassic Park' Can Wear High Heels


Dog Plays Tug-O-War. By Himself. With His Own Tail.

AFV Animals

Kevin Bacon Will Come After You If You Talk Or Text During A Movie


These Guys Are Bringing Back The '70s Male Perm


Lunch With Stephen: The Most Important Meal Of The Day


17 Obvious Facts That Will Still Kind Of Blow Your Mind

Shutterstock / herjua