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January 28, 2015

Looking Back at 9 Years of The Colbert Report (VIDEO)

Today, as The Colbert Report airs its final episode, I'm looking back with gratitude on nine years of great television. I loved being on the show several times, discussing everything from my Greek accent to self-sabotage to the obnoxious roommate living in my head. Here are some of my favorite moments on The Colbert Report over the years.

Louis C.K. Drops New Special, 'Live At The Comedy Store'

Louis Ck
Louis C.K.

Jon Stewart Knows What Sarah Palin's REALLY Up To

Jon Stewart
Comedy Central

7 Funny Snow Day Charts To Help You Weather The Storm

Snow Day Chart
HuffPost Comedy

Here's Proof That Birds Just Desperately Want To Be Friends With Cats

Birds Annoying Cats

Louis C.K. Has 'No Problem' With Tom Brady's Deflated Balls


A 17-Foot Bobblehead And Other Things You'll Find Backstage At 'Conan'

Conan Art Backstage
Katla McGlynn

Here's Why You Shouldn't Keep Your Eyes Closed In Yoga Class

Why You Shouldnt Do Yoga

Whoa! Did 'Madden NFL 15' Rip Off Conan's Signature Move?

Madden Conan
EA Sports/TBS

12 Numbers That Break Down What Happened In NYC During That 'Historic' Snowstorm

Andrew Burton via Getty Images

GoDaddy Pulls 2015 Super Bowl Ad After Slew Of Negative Feedback From Animal Advocates


Bill De Blasio Stages Dramatic Reading Of An Onion Article About The 'Furious Hoarfrost' Of 2015

Spencer Platt via Getty Images

Netflix Just Released The First Teaser For 'Wet Hot American Summer'


Here's Who Won The Blizzard Of 2015

Oliver Darcy/Twitter

Here's The All-Female 'Ghostbusters' Cast


See Berger From 'SATC Pose With His Breakup Post-It


13 Photos (And One Tweet) That Show How Underwhelming NYC's Snow Storm Was

Twitter/Harold Itzkowitz

Chris Pratt Might Play Indiana Jones

Christopher Polk/NBC via Getty Images

These Sad Snowmen Remind Us How Much Of A Letdown The Snow Storm Was



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These Dogs Are Not Very Good At Making Snow Angels, But Bless Their Hearts For Trying

'This Is A Serious Situation': Snow Plow Does Donuts While Reporter Covers Blizzard


Channing Tatum Imitates His Daughter's 'Poop Face'


Little Boy Tries To Stop Words From 'Leaving' The TV


Guy Doing Doughnuts With A Snowplow Is Handling The Blizzard Brrriliantly

Scott McClellan/Vine

Dog Saves Cat From Cup


TV Shows To Binge Watch During This Ridiculous, Massive, Record-Setting Blizzard

Showtime/ NBC/ CBS

The Combination Of Puppies And Ice Cubes Is Magical


Adam Scott And Jason Schwartzman Bring You The 'Avatar' Of Fake Penises

Jerod Harris via Getty Images

Louis C.K. Cancels Historic MSG Show Due To Historic Snow Storm

Frederick M. Brown via Getty Images

Further Proof That Larry David Is George Costanza

Donald Traill/Invision/AP

Joe Biden Surprised Ellen DeGeneres On Her Birthday And It Was Delightful

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.