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September 1, 2015

Can We Guess Your Facial Hair Situation?

stevanovicigor via Getty Images

10 Ways Men Can Still Be MEN In Today's Society ... GRRRRR!

The Other Stuff

Gamers Blast Jimmy Kimmel After Stream-Watching Jokes


Kanye's VMA Speech Was Recut To Sound Like A Stand-Up Act

David Elmaleh

This Proves Joffrey Was The Hero On 'Game Of Thrones'


Kanye West And Donald Trump Made The Exact Same Speech, Bro

Getty/Associated Press

Guy Freaks Out People By Randomly Breaking Into The Splits


'Millennial Porn' Serves Up A Climax This Generation Deserves

Funny Or Die

Everyone Can Go Home Now, This Is The Best Latte Artist Of All


These Rubber Duckies Are More Suitable For Battle Than Bathtime


This Woman Strapped A GoPro To Her Butt All Day At Work

Above Average

Miley Cyrus Reminds Us Ad Nauseam She Smokes Pot During The VMAs

Christopher Polk/MTV1415 via Getty Images

Miley Cyrus Attempts To Break Instagram At The 2015 VMAs


Talking Irrelevance and 'Live (At The Time)' With Demetri Martin

Gabriel Olsen via Getty Images

The 8 Stages Of Watching 'Batman & Robin' On Netflix

HuffPost Comedy

Megyn Kelly Beats Up Donald Trump, Makes Him Bleed From Wherever

Funny Or Die

Jimmy Kimmel's Rude Interviewer Proves Technology is Terrible


Remember That Time Eddie Murphy Walked Into The Women’s Room At The VMAs?



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Nature Expert Snoop Dogg Breaks Down Frog 'Orgy' On 'Kimmel'


Kevin James Says He 'Doesn't Make It Out Of The Locker Room' vs Ronda Rousey

Sony Pictures

Donald Trump Says 'China'

FOX 10 Phoenix

We Will Always Love Tom Hardy For This Whitney Houston Lip-Sync

Vera Anderson via Getty Images

Netflix, Binging And Quality Control In The Age Of Peak TV

Photo by Eric Charbonneau/Invision for Netflix/AP Images

Comedians Read (And Cringe Over) The First Jokes They Ever Wrote

Wait For it

If Your Friend's Annoying Facebook Status Was Used In Real Life

Jason Horton

The Real And Surprising Reason Donald Trump Quit Oreos

Boston Globe via Getty Images

These Two Women Just Got The Power To Visit Any #TBT In History

Comedy Central

Disguised Miley Cyrus Asks People What They Think Of Miley Cyrus


Miley Cyrus Flashes The Crowd At 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Because She Can't Stop


The Most Dangerous Antihero On TV Is ... The Star Of Comedy Central's 'Review'?

Comedy Central