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July 11, 2014

What Just Dripped On You?

Amit Somvanshi via Getty Images

4 Activities College-bound Students Should NOT Do This Summer

On To College Shutterstock / sonya etchison

It is no secret that the admissions committees are very concerned about what you do with your spare time -- be it volunteering with lepers in India or interning as a trapeze artist with Cirque du Soleil.

Puppies Going Down Stairs For The First Time, 'Nuff Said


Imagine A World Where Pizza Is Money...

Pizza Is Money
Youtube / UCBComedy

17 Slogans That Frankly Make More Sense Than The Real Ones

Honest Slogans

Greg Poehler On His Sister Amy: 'I Think She's Gonna Make It Someday'

Greg Poehler
HuffPost Live

Someone Made Edward Snowden A Tinder Account


Watch Jimmy Fallon And Kelly Ripa Get Drenched

Pop Quiz

Roommate Shaming?

Roommate Shaming

This Dude's Impression Of A Super Excited Girl Is So Spot On, It's Scary


These Books Will Eat Your Soul

Fallon Do Not Read

Finally, A Useful Instagram Filter

Seth Meyers Instagram Filters

Now's Your Chance To Own Marty McFly's Hoverboard

Fallon Doesn't Talk To Guests As Much As His Fellow Late Night Hosts

Thanks To This Artist, You'll Never Look At A Tray Table The Same Way Again

He's About To Teach You Everything You Thought You Already Knew

WATCH: Drive-By Compliments Make Strangers Smile From Ear To Ear

Here's Who To Blame All Your Spoiler Alert Hatred On

Hero Pup Paddles Out To Save Drowning Baby Bird In Lake

Rihanna Gives Lap Dance To Adorably Awkward Fan

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This English Bulldog Puppy Has Found True Bliss In The Form Of An Inanimate Object