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July 31, 2014

4 Activities College-bound Students Should NOT Do This Summer

On To College Shutterstock / sonya etchison

It is no secret that the admissions committees are very concerned about what you do with your spare time -- be it volunteering with lepers in India or interning as a trapeze artist with Cirque du Soleil.

People Will Not Shut The F Up About Trader Joe's

People Love Trader Joes

These Kittens Learning To Walk Is So Cute It'll Make You Crumble

Kitten Walk
YouTube / MrFunnyMal

If You Thought Math Was Confusing Before...

Complicated Math Lesson

'The Daily Show' Mocks Internet Journalism... Again

Comedy Central

Here Are Pics Of An Unsuspecting Michelle Rodriguez Getting Pushed In The Water


Jon Stewart Exposes The Most Outrageous Corporate Tax Dodge Yet

Comedy Central

What Everyone Said About 'Sharknado 2' On Twitter Tonight


WATCH: Greedy Kitty Charms His Owner Into Giving Him More Kisses

Natalie Sanchez/Youtube

18 Times Joan Rivers Made Celebrities Sit On Her Lap


9 Amazing Places You'll Want To Hurry Up And Visit Because You're Dying

Huffington Post

Chris Pratt's Hilarious Response To Our Culture's Weight Loss Obsession

YouTube / Late Show with David Letterman

Sharks Just Got A Lot More Dope


James Franco And Jimmy Fallon Hilariously Fail At Guessing Movies


Twitter Might Not Survive 'Sharknado 2'


Joel McHale Shares Chris Christie's Reaction To Fat Jokes, Then Tells Another


Baby Laughs Ridiculously Hard When A Pit Bull Licks Him


The Roots Completely Lose It


Stephen Colbert Just Trolled Sarah Palin In The Best Way

Comedy Central

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Hey, They Made Another 'Night At The Museum' Movie


WATCH: Life's A Drag For This Bulldog -- And She Loves It


Pit Bulls Attack Their Human... WITH KISSES

Kimberly Rodriguez

Jon Stewart Wants Your Ideas For Rebuilding CNN

Comedy Central

'We're Like The Oprah Of Middle East Weapons Systems!'

Comedy Central

The Truth Behind Dumb Starbucks Is Finally Revealed

Comedy Central

WATCH: Guest's Phone Rings On Live TV, And He Fails To Play It Cool


Ninja Cat Sneaks Into Freezer To Steal The Fish


This Is What Happens When News Broadcasts Go Hilariously Wrong

YouTube / NewsBeFunny

23 Famous Stories That Can Be Told By Insanely Simple Charts


5 Nathan Fielder Pranks Everyone Should Know Before Watching ‘Dumb Starbucks'


This Tiny Dog's Smart Tricks Will Knock Your Socks Off

YouTube / MeSoMiniMisa