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Justice Department Says Trump Will Replace Travel Ban 'In The Near Future'

U.S. Court To Hear Arguments Tuesday On Trump's Travel Ban

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A Deadly Virginia Jail Is Now Under Federal Investigation

Jeff Sessions Was Deemed Too Racist To Be A Federal Judge. He'll Now Be Trump's Attorney General.

DOJ Civil Rights Lawyers Ponder Future Under Potentially 'Terrifying' Trump Presidency

Justice Department To Monitor Tuesday's Election In 28 States

Obama Shortens Dozens More Federal Drug Sentences. Many Would Have Died Behind Bars.

A City Near Ferguson Is Still Caging Humans In A 'Grotesque' Debtors' Prison, Lawsuit Charges

His Poll-Watching Video Became A GOP Obsession. Now He Wants Trump To Rein In ‘Rigged’ Election Talk.

The Feds Are Going To Collect Better Data On Police Killings, But We Probably Won't See It

The FBI Insists It Doesn’t Fire People Over Polygraphs. This Man Says It Happened To Him.

The Feds Will Rely On Media Reports To Help Count In-Custody Deaths. Here's Why That's An Issue.

2015 Was One Of The Safest Years In The Past 2 Decades, According To FBI Stats