03/28/2008 02:45 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

New Jack Nicholson And Morgan Freeman Film "Really, Truly Terrible"

If chemotherapy, vomiting and long stays in a hospital are your cup of tea, then Warner Bros' "The Bucket List" is for you. Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, each of whom turned 70 this year and has an Oscar, star as two guys who are dying in a hospital room. Their illness? Scenery chewing.

Seriously, director Rob Reiner has made one of the most tedious films of the year, which isn't so easy to do anymore. What happened to our Rob? He hasn't made a good film in a decade. The man responsible for "When Harry Met Sally," "Spinal Tap," "Stand by Me" and "The American President" went sour somewhere along the way. He used to be hip and acerbic. Now he's all about broken hips.

Oh, but "The Bucket List" is really, truly terrible, particularly in a sequence that shows the two men going back and forth to the bathroom, throwing up, incontinent, hallucinating, feverish from chemo, etc. Do we really need to see this? It's like "Beaches" for very old grumpy men.

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