03/28/2008 02:45 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Strike Queen Nikki Finke Named NY Observer's "Media Mensch Of The Year"

No one has ever accused Nikki Finke--the contentious journalist who has worked for the Associated Press, The Los Angeles Times, this newspaper and the New York Post, which fired her after she wrote negative stories about Disney (she sued and settled for an undisclosed amount)--of being a wallflower, and in her decades-long career, which started after her years as a debutante and Plaza habitué (followed by a 1980 marriage to, and soon afterward, divorce from, the millionaire businessman Jeffrey Greenberg), more people have probably been pissed off by her than have invited her to dinner.

But in her latest journalistic incarnation, the Web site Deadline Hollywood Daily, which she started in March 2006, she has taken on the notoriously cliquish, catty and backbiting world of Hollywood--alone. And when the Writers Guild of America called a strike on Nov. 5, her keyboard was ready.

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