03/28/2008 02:45 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Clinton Faces Lose-Lose Situation In Michigan

Michigan's presidential primary may produce results as unexpected as the election is peculiar.

"God knows what is going to happen on the Democratic side," said Stewart L. French, professor of political science at Saginaw Valley State University. French thinks that in Michigan: Sen. Hillary Clinton faces a lose-lose situation, Mike Huckabee's populist message will win crossover votes and that even if Mitt Romney loses the state his campaign will continue.

Clinton faces opposition from 'uncommitted,' which could include supporters of Sen. Barack Obama, John Edwards, Al Gore and general protest votes. French, who specializes in political parties and elections, considers 60 percent to be the threshold for declaring a Clinton victory. But such a win will be hollow. "If she gets 60 percent, everyone will shrug and say of course she won, she was the only one on the ballot," French said alluding to political pundits. The worst case scenario for Clinton would be if 'uncommitted' wins. Edwards and Obama could use that to cast doubt on Clinton's candidacy going forward.

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