03/28/2008 02:45 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Must See Video: American Gladiators, Celibate Idol , Oprah Out Of Context, Bindi And More!

"Wife Swap" has done a pretty good job of featuring people that bear no resemblance to the typical American family. This week's episode didn't stray from that formula, featuring a family of magicians who have never heard of vacuum cleaners. When a strict, clean-freak mom takes over for the magical but sloppy family, drama ensues. And if you're wondering how a magician emotes, the answer is: balloons.

From ABC 1/23/08.

Oprah Out of Context

From ABC 1/24/08.

This week offered more amazingness from the set of "American Gladiators". In the challenge featured below, contestants have to avoid the gladiators to climb to the top of a padded mountain. Wolf (not to be confused with Dog, The Bounty Hunter), is having none of it, however. Watch as he destroys his challenger by springing through the air like his four-legged namesake. If you're still not tuning into "American Gladiators", this is why you should.

From NBC 1/21/08.

16-year-old Amy Flynn gave the "American Idol" judges an earful during her audition. The bubbly teen is a member of her high school's "STARS" group, which stands for "Students Teaching And Respecting Sexuality". So, like, let's say you're like, "I don't want to have sex before marriage." But like, you're boyfriend's all like, "Why not, babe?" And you're like, "Because it's icky, or whatevs," and then he's all like, "Just watch the clip."

From Fox 1/23/08.

Tyra interviewed a mom with the mind of a teenager this week. Trish, who makes Britney Spears look like Carol Brady, had her daughter Patrice when she was 22. Twenty-something years later she hasn't been able to lose the post-pregnancy weight and she blames her shapely frame on her daughter. Even after Tyra gives an example of her friend who was in a similar situation and was scarred for life by her mother's blame, Trish doesn't back down, continuing to hold her daughter responsible for her appearance. She also admits that she had a baby at such a young age so that years later people might think they were sisters. If only that girl from "American Idol" was alive during this lady's teenage years.

From My9 1/21/08.

Let's get something straight here. I'm not making fun of Steve Irwin's daughter with this next clip. Making fun of a 9-year-old girl would be like making fun of Clay Aiken. Not because it's too easy, but because he's a 9-year-old girl too, see. I'm just offering the idea that this girl might be slightly overworked. When she can't remember what she's doing that same night, it might be time to give her a few off days to live like a normal kid. At least she knows that whatever she'll be doing, it will be so much fun.

From "Today" on NBC 1/22/08.