03/28/2008 02:45 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Honeymoon Over For Rupert And Hillary

Honeymoons don't last forever. Just ask Hillary Clinton and Rupert Murdoch.

Two years ago, Mr. Murdoch, the head of the News Corporation -- which owns The New York Post -- was in the midst of a rapprochement with Senator Clinton. He put aside the antagonism that had defined their relationship, even holding a fund-raiser for her Senate campaign before the paper went on, improbably, to endorse her re-election effort.

Their newfound friendship seemingly came to a crashing end last Thursday. There was the headline on the front page of The Post, right next to "Cop Sex Ring," for all to see: "Post Endorses Obama." Not only an endorsement, but they gave it the wood -- industry jargon for the huge type on the front page -- for crying out loud. Not even John McCain, a longtime favorite of both The Post and Mr. Murdoch, got the wood for his endorsement the next day.

If this was a loud statement on behalf of Barack Obama's candidacy, it was mostly stated in the negative, with the beginning, middle and end of the argument all built on the fact that Mr. Obama would make a good president mostly because Mrs. Clinton would not. "And again he is not Team Clinton," the editorial concluded. "That counts for a great deal."

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