01/29/2010 07:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Michael Dell Buys Brother Adam Dell's Company

Dell acquired MessageOne, which makes email-management software, for $155 million in cash. One of the deal's big beneficiaries is the Dell family, although the company says the transaction will also help businesses who want to outsource management of their tech equipment to Dell.

MessageOne was co-founded by Adam Dell, Michael Dell's lesser-known brother - though to be fair, it's hard to be the successful sibling when your brother is worth around $15 billion - and other Dell family members are investors. Adam Dell will receive about $970,000 from the sale, according SEC filings. Michael Dell, his wife Susan and their children will receive about $12 million (which the company says they will donate to charity), and the Dell's parents will make about $450,000. A note in the filing said that Michael Dell had no involvement in the decision to buy MessageOne.

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