03/28/2008 02:45 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Clinton, Obama Negative Attacks On Display As March 4 Approaches

As the calendar approaches March 4th, the race for the Democratic candidate is taking an increasingly negative turn. This week Hillary launched the first negative television ad of the season. Obama quickly fired back with his own, as well as mailers criticizing Hillary's record on trade.

But the rhetoric isn't restricted to advertisements.

Clinton went after Obama's famed oratories yesterday in Columbus:

"I could be very general about what I want to do. I could have been very rhetorical about what I want to do. ... There would be cheering and applauding and the lights would come up, but I want you to know what I want to do as your president."

And followed up with comments about his experience:

"You can have all of the advisors in the world -- you know, all of the people who tell you what you should think and what you do and what you should say," she said. "But when it is all over, the president has to decide. It can be a lonely job. It's the hardest job in the world. I'm asking you to hire me."

Meanwhile, Obama's camp has fired back, though not yet from the lips of the candidate. Spokesman Bill Burton wrote in a statement yesterday:

"Hillary Clinton should tell the people of Ohio the truth - she once bragged about helping to pass the nuclear bill she's now criticizing Obama for, she came out with her plan for green jobs one month after Obama did, and she's said she'd 'go after' people's wages if they couldn't afford health insurance under her plan."

Read the full statement here.