03/28/2008 02:46 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Washington Times: US Has Paid $42 Million To Iraqi Victims

The Washington Times has a major report set to run in Wednesday's paper highlighting the extent of "collateral damage" to Iraqi civilians.

"The Pentagon has paid $42.4 million to Iraqis who lost innocent family members or property to U.S. or allied military action since the beginning of 2005," Times reporter Sharon Behn will report, "but says it keeps no comprehensive records of how the money was spent."

More: "The so-called 'condolence' payments are capped at $2,500 for a loss of life and $1,500 for a loss of property. Based on those figures, the payments could account for as many as 16,960 deaths, or 42,400 homes destroyed, but the Pentagon says it would take 'months' to break down the payments into such categories."

Check back tomorrow for the full story from the Times.