03/28/2008 02:46 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Cynthia Nixon Opens Up About Girlfriend Christine Marinoni

Cynthia Nixon told a "Sex and the City" movie press junket about her love for girlfriend of four years Christine Marinoni, a New York state education activist. Nixon has talked about the relationship in the past, telling New York Magazine in 2006 how by not hiding her relationship, the press stopped chasing her. But with the the May 30 release of the SATC film, she's back in the spotlight.

OK! magazine writes:

The SATC star told reporters, "I'm in a fantastic relationship," she continued, "We shop and cook and raise children...We both pitch in." Much like in SATC, Cynthia and her partner raise her two kids Samantha, 11, and Charles, 6, in Brooklyn.

"I'm in love with her because she's her. If she were a man, would I be in love with her? I don't know."

Meanwhile, Cynthia cleared the air surrounding the infamous SATC cat fighting rumors. "I don't feel there was any. You work with people, and you have disagreements and you move on. People have preconceptions, and women together are supposed to get catty."