03/28/2008 02:46 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Glenn Beck Watch: Beck Confuses Hillary Clinton With Cindy Sheehan

Hillary Clinton's wins in last Tuesday's primaries have put CNN's Glenn Beck in a bit of a fugue. In part, it's easy to see why: even though most pundits acknowledged that Clinton had a good chance of doing well, Glenn somehow managed to convince him that "the odds of winning three out of the four crucial Democratic primaries in Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island were astronomical." As such, he's not willing to to give Clinton the credit she's due for putting a convincing case before working-class Ohioans. For Glenn, it's all about the dread Clinton machine and how remorseless it is:

BECK: Last night, we were all reminded, in no uncertain terms, don`t ever count a Clinton political machine out. The Clintons are indestructible terminators of American politics. They will destroy anything or anyone that gets in their way.

But what's really got Glenn gobsmacked is Clinton's "3AM Phonecall" appeal. See, in his world, Democrats just don't run on national security.

BECK: Wait, I`m sorry. Have I slipped through a wormhole and entered some parallel universe? I mean, on what version of Earth does a Democrat lure primary voters with a pro-defense message?

I mean, maybe I haven`t been watching the news enough, but I could have sworn that the Democrats have spent the last several years trying to out Cindy Sheehan each other. You know, it`s been a race to see who could go so far left that it makes moveon.org feel a little uncomfortable.

No, Glenn hasn't been watching the news enough. Which is a wonder, seeing as how he works for a major news organization. For his benefit, here's video of Clinton, in October of 2002, speaking on authorizing the use of military force. If this seems Cindy Sheehan-esque to anybody, well, we must be talking about a different Cindy Sheehan.