03/28/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Nancy Pelosi: No Dream Ticket -- "Take It From Me"

The Democratic presidential ticket will be a "Dream Team," Nancy Pelosi said Thursday, it just won't have both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama's name on it.

Speaking to reporters on Capitol Hill, the House Speaker reiterated comments she made earlier in the week that the two presidential candidates will not end up sharing a ticket.

"I do think we will have a dream team, it just won't be those two names," She said. "Whoever our nominee is and whoever he or she is and whoever he or she chooses, will be a dream team as the Democrats go forward."

When pressed further about the possibility of a joint ticket, Pelosi stated flatly, "Take it from me, that won't be the ticket."

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On Tuesday, Pelosi deemed a joint ticket with Obama and Clinton "impossible," citing Clinton's statements that McCain would make a more experienced commander-in-chief than Obama. ">Read more and watch the video here.