Fox Anchor Compares Obama's Pastor To Hitler

First night out and Dan Abrams scores: In his aptly-named "Beat The Press" segment he and his team caught a staggering clip, courtesy of their pals at Fox News. In a discussion about Barack Obama's controversial pastor Jeremiah Wright, FNC correspondent Ainsley Earhardt countered a mention of Pastor Wright's good works in the community with this brilliant comeback: "I mean, Hitler did great things...many Germans followed Hitler because they thought he did great things." Yes. Really. Watch:

Still trying to figure out which is worse, comparing a man of the cloth to Hitler or asserting that "Hitler did great things." Attentive viewers/readers will recall that Earhardt was last in news for bragging about how women at Fox go without pants. In other news, ETP rather likes the word "Suburblican." It sounded funny repeated over and over.