01/25/2010 11:55 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Ashley Dupre Nude: Alleged Naked Shots Of Spitzer's Kristen Surface

Judging by the topless pictures below, Ashley Dupre may have blown her chance at a photo fortune just nine days after skyrocketing to infamy when she was revealed as the prostitute "Kristen" to whom then-governor Eliot Spitzer paid $4300 plus expenses in February.
The initial flurry of press speculation included huge offers for pictures of the 22-year old. Larry Flynt offered $1M for her talents to grace the pages of Hustler. But, the NY Post found pictures of her topless and cupping her breasts, Us Weekly found an early-but -thorough photoshoot, and then Joe Francis discovered he had weeks of Dupre footage, including girl-on-girl affection, as Dupre had spent time with "Girls Gone Wild" in Miami around the time of her 18th birthday. And now, pictures from what was allegedly Kristen's profile from the Emperors Club VIP website have surfaced which leave even less to the imagination. There is no whole face, but judging by the hair color and the lower part of her face, the topless woman bares a striking resemblance to Dupre, and may even be wearing the same tank top as the Us photoshoot.
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