04/23/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Campaign AdWatch: Obama Hits Back At Clinton, Lobbyists

On the last episode of Amargura Y Lagrimas, the searing, endless, telenovela of the Democratic primary, Hillary Clinton had gathered a handful of Pennsylvania's finest non-union actors to use the powers of their Stanislavski training to pretend that they weren't bitter and yell at Barack Obama for his no-good elitism. Well, you knew that wasn't going to stand! So Obama took the issue head on by releasing his own ad that...uhm...totally changed the subject. And deployed cocktail jazz.

The result is "Guide," which attacks Clinton's connections to lobbyists using groovy music, a grainy film effect, and the sort of ironic humor that made Mike Huckabee a household name without making him President. The ad's money shot features a clip of Clinton shouting at the YearlyKos convention that she was going to go right on taking money from lobbyists, thank-you-very-much, which is sort of damning, but then again, who hasn't wanted to yell at the YearlyKos convention at least once? I mean, we're only human.