05/06/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

YouTube-Generation Superdelegates: Help Lauren And Awais Choose A Presidential Candidate

The roster of Democratic Party superdelegates is, of course, a list of Very Serious People with years and years of political experience. Also on the list are Lauren and Awais. They're superdelegates who are still in college and majorly procrastinating during finals week by making and posting a YouTube that asks you-- registered Democrats and YouTube watchers-- who they should vote for at the national convention in August to head the Democratic presidential ticket in the general election. YouTube voting is not the most scientific method of deciding on a candidate, perhaps, but it does make as genuine and laudable an effort at transparency as any other method and is likewise as good as any at capturing the will of the constituency they, as college Democratic Party leaders, are meant to represent.

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Watch the YouTube and tell Lauren and Awais what you think!

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