05/13/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Abortion Group Launches Robocall Attack On Obama In Indiana

The anti-choice group National Right to Life has launched a series of robocalls urging people in Indiana to "vote against Barack Obama" in Tuesday's primary. Here's the script of the call (or listen to audio):

Hello, this is National Right to Life PAC, asking you to vote against Barack Obama in tomorrow's primary election.

Barack Obama has said that his first act as President would be to sign the Freedom of Choice Act, which would enshrine abortion on demand into federal law and would require tax funding of abortion. This bill would legalize partial birth abortion again.

Barack Obama even voted against saving the lives of babies who survive late term abortion.

You can vote in either party's primary. If you vote in the Democratic primary, please do not vote for Barack Obama.

Obama supporter and former Rep. Tim Roemer, an opponent of abortion rights, released a statement on the calls -- you can read it below. Also, as Politico's Ben Smith notes, Indiana has extremely strict anti-robocall laws, so these calls (apparently the first of their kind from any group in the state this cycle) may very well be illegal.

Statement from Former Congressman Tim Roemer on Robocalls from National Right to Life

INDIANAPOLIS -- Former Congressman Tim Roemer released the following statement this evening in response to the automated calls that Hoosiers are receiving from National Right to Life:

"As a pro-life Catholic Democrat, one of the main reasons I endorsed Barack Obama is because he approaches issues from a non-ideological standpoint, and on issues like abortion, he deeply respects the views of folks on the other side of the argument. He believes that if we focus on what unites us, we can accomplish more than we ever will by retreating into our corners and shouting each other.

"National Right to Life is running these calls because they know that Senator Clinton will be the easier Democrat to run against in the general election--and this is their way of giving her a helping hand in this tough primary battle.

"Senator Obama and Senator Clinton have virtually identical records on the abortion issue. I want Hoosiers to be absolutely clear: These calls we're getting are nothing more than a ploy. Folks who are going to vote in the Democratic primary tomorrow know that we need real change in Washington."