05/27/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

RNC Will Fund McCain's Campaign To An Unprecedented Degree

In late April, John McCain entered into an agreement with the Republican National Committee that would allow him to raise upwards of $70,000 from individual donors. The deal, then criticized by public financing advocates, allows donations in excess of $2,300 to flow directly to the RNC, which will spend the money on McCain's behalf.

While increasing the amount of funds available to McCain, it also makes the Arizona senator more beholden than ever to the Republican machine he is lauded for challenging. The New York Times reports that the RNC will play an enormous part in funding McCain's campaign:

Frank Donatelli, the deputy chairman of the national committee and the chief liaison with the McCain campaign, predicted that the party would give more financial help to Mr. McCain that it has to past nominees.

"We intend to provide substantial, maybe unprecedented, resources to the McCain campaign," Mr. Donatelli said.

President Bush will figure large into this strategy, holding a fundraiser this month with McCain and expected to help fill the coffers of the RNC over the next year.

Both Clinton and Obama have since entered into similar agreements with the DNC in response to McCain's announcement. However, the fundraising advantage still lies with the Democrats. The McCain camp is currently hoping to raise approximately $20 million per month, well shy of the amount both Democratic candidates have been averaging without additional help from the DNC.