05/30/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Top 10 Summer Jobs

Job seekers often forget that seasonal jobs aren't only for gift wrappers and department store Santas during the holidays.

The warm seasons bring a whole slew of work that makes finding a job for the summer months an easy affair.

While students looking to fill their wallets and pass the time make up a large portion of summer workers, seasoned professionals are on the hunt for work, too.

Anyone looking to make a little extra money, whether a teacher on summer break or a retiree who doesn't want the pressure of a permanent job, take advantage of the bump in summer hiring.

Here are some positions to consider as you head out on your summer job hunt:

1. Childcare workers

When children are no longer in class, parents who have jobs outside the home are suddenly forced to find something for them to do eight hours each day. During the summer months, parents take refuge in childcare, whether in the form of a private caretaker or a professional facility.

2. Restaurant servers

With sunny weather comes the ability to dine alfresco, which means people will find any excuse to eat out all summer long. Restaurants hire more staff, such as hosts, hostesses and servers, to accommodate the increase in patrons.

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