06/09/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

David Banda's Birth Father: Let Me See My Son

The father of Madonna's adopted son David may challenge the decision by the High Court in Malawi to grant permanent custody to the pop star.

Peasant farmer Yohane Banda claims he has been 'left in the dark' by government officials who had promised him he would have regular visits from the two-year-old boy as part of the adoption arrangement.

He said he had not seen a copy of the judgment but would be prepared to challenge it if it did not include provision for him to have access to his son.
Madonna with adopted Malawi boy David Banda

Mr Banda claims he was told by Penston Kilembe, the government official who arranged the adoption, that he would be able to see David 'every three to four years'.

But last night, Madonna's lawyer in Malawi, Allan Chinula, said there was nothing in the adoption order providing access to David, and that he was 'not aware' of any such promise.

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