06/09/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Hillary Hoping For Delegate Defections

Ken Vogel reports that in a press conference before taking off from San Juan, Hillary Clinton reiterated Terry McAuliffe's suggestion that her campaign might court Obama's superdelegates.

"One thing about superdelegates is that they can change their minds," she said, adding that a superdelegate on board the plane had committed to her, switched to Obama and then back to her.

Her point -- that superdelegates aren't locked into their choices -- is a technically valid reason to stay in after Obama has locked up a majority of delegates, as he's likely to this week. But the political reality is that the direction of flow of superdelegates is toward the winner.

Asked if she accepted the 2,118-delegate threshold as the finish line, she said "that's a question we're going to be considering," suggesting her campaign might appeal Saturday's Rules and Bylaws Committee decision on allocating Michigan's delegates.

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