06/13/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Refers To Rural Virginians As 'Rednecks'

One of the things we noticed as the race for the Democratic nomination wended its way toward its conclusion was how the media focused on those so-called "bitter" white voters from rural Appalachia. For a time, following Mayhill Fowler's "bittergate" scoop<, pundits by the score went on the air attesting to the importance of rural voters. But when the cameras actually arrived in places like West Virginia, the cable outlets loved nothing more than putting every outlier example of ignorance they could up on the screen.

Which leads us this afternoon, when MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell briefly - and oh-so-awkwardly! - let slip the mask, referring to the residents of Bristol, VA, a southwestern-Virginia town on the Tennessee border, as "redneck." The haughty-sounding chuckle sure didn't help!


MITCHELL: Interesting images today. Barack Obama, Mark Warner, in Southwest Virginia. This is real [chuckle] redneck...sort of...uhm...bordering on Appalachia...country. This is not the Northern Virginia...uh...you know...high-tech corridor. And these are voters that he would not logically...be...you know, gravitating to.