06/19/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Brian Williams Reports From Afghanistan's "Daily Nightly" reports that Brian Williams is in Afghanistan:

"NBC Nightly News" anchor and managing editor Brian Williams has arrived in Afghanistan. Williams will anchor and report live from the region starting today and continuing for the next several days. For security reasons, NBC News is not announcing any details of the travel schedule within the country in advance, except to say that he'll be spending time with U.S. forces engaged in the fight against the Taliban.

Veteran NBC News correspondent and Tel Aviv bureau chief Martin Fletcher is accompanying Williams on the trip. Fletcher and his team arrived in Afghanistan a few days earlier to begin their reporting.

Williams himself blogged from Kabul, explaining both the travel process and the security measures taken:

Because of where we are and who we are, security is a big part of a trip like this, and we're well taken care of. Our travel team includes members of the same teams who keep Richard Engel and our Bagdhad Bureau safe...many of them veterans of the fearsome British SAS. The security situation will, however, prevent me from talking about our travels and upcoming broadcasts from inside this country: except to say that we are here mostly to check in on the U.S. military effort here. This is a tough place to get to, a tough work environment, and a tough place to get around. Our clocks are all screwed up, and its only going to get worse as our airtime schedule (3am locally -- Afghanistan is 8hrs 30minutes off New York time -- don't ask me to explain the 30 minutes) collides with daytime here and the need to do our shooting and reporting in daylight wherever possible.

I should also add that I've been trying to get here for some time, and while not everyone in New York was exactly in love with the idea of travelling here, the time was right and I appreciate being able to come here -- as I appreciate the hard work and precautions that have gone into this trip. I sure hope you can join us tonight as we originate the broadcast from Kabul.

Read Williams' entire blog from Kabul here.