07/01/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Elizabeth Edwards: I'm Already Working With Obama's Team On Health Care

Elizabeth Edwards appeared on this morning's Good Morning America to discuss the Democratic Party's approach to universal health care. While Edwards had previously stated a preference for the health care proposal created by New York Senator Hillary Clinton over that of Senator Barack Obama, she told GMA host (and fellow cancer battler) Robin Roberts that she plans to "partner" with Obama on health care, and is "already working with this team with respect to health care."


ROBERTS: Last month when your husband endorsed Senator Obama many noted that you did not. They did not hear from you. And they have a feeling that maybe you did not back him like your husband did. Is that the case? And are you backing Senator Obama now?

EDWARDS: I'm backing Senator Obama. I expect to work as hard as I need to. As I'm called on to do to make certain that he is the next president. I'm already working with this team with respect to health care, trying to make certain that we get the message out about how much difference it will make in individual American's lives if we have a president with the ideas and the vision that Senator Obama has, as opposed to the same old same old, that Senator McCain is suggesting we can live with. I don't think we can.

ROBERTS: Recently, this is what Senator Obama said about McCain's health care plan and the possibility of working with you. This is what he said recently.

OBAMA: We cannot afford that. Not when 47 million Americans already are uninsured. A number that is growing by the day. By the way, I'm going to be partnering up with Elizabeth Edwards - we're going to be figuring all of this out.

ROBERTS: The last time I talked with you, Elizabeth, early April in Boston, you indicated at that time that you considered Senator clinton's health care plan to be a better plan. That had you concerns about Senator Obama's health care plan. Are you going to partner with him and do you still have the same concerns?

EDWARDS: I'm going to partner with him. The idea is, we want to get to universality. We want to make certain that every American is covered. You know, the mechanism for doing that, there's going to be disagreement about what that is. I expect that the final solution be worked out in Congress about how it is we get every American covered. Although I have my particular preferences, it makes -- it makes a huge difference whether or not, it's Senator Obama's plan or Senator McCain's plan. You know, I have cancer, you have cancer. With pre-existing conditions, if you have those kind of conditions, Senator Obama guarantees that you have coverage. Pre-existing conditions are covered. Senator McCain's is a lot more problematic and potentially enormously expensive. His latest suggestion about how it is we cover people with pre-existing conditions can be enormously expensive and, contrary to what Senator McCain says, a huge government-run program.