07/12/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Where's Alberto Gonzales?

There's a new game that can be played in DC, and it's called "Where In The World Is Alberto Gonzales." On Wednesday he published an op-ed in The LA Times on the very subject he managed to malign more than support: equality. The Washington Post's, Al Kamen, looks into other activities Gonzales - aka Fredo - has taken part in since he left the Justice Department almost a year ago.

First he popped up at Friday night's baseball game between the Nats and the O's. Next thing you know, he's in the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday as an op-ed columnist.

So, is this the beginning of an Alberto R. Gonzales re-emergence in public, 10 months after he resigned from a somewhat-less-than-successful 2 1/2 -year tenure as attorney general? Is there a job announcement coming?